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Tara Struyk is a senior editor at Techopedia.com and a freelance editor, blogger and writer for hire. She specializes in writing about personal finance, investing, careers and consumer technology. Likes: The Internet, espresso and running. Dislikes: Typos, debt and domestic vehicles.

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Hardly a day goes by without news about a new kind of a chatbot, but what we don't hear about as often is how chatbots are used in an...


What does it take to change the way people live and work? In the tech world, we tend to assume it's technology, but what about the human...

Bill Veghte Executive Chairman at Turbonomic

While edge analytics has provided the technology to leverage IoT in a smarter, better way, its promise actually extends beyond IoT to the...

Living on the Edge: The 5 Key Benefits of Edge Analytics

Host Eric Kavanagh discusses the cloud and what it can mean for business with representatives from The Bloor Group, Qubole, Cloudant and...

The Cloud Imperative - What, Why, When and How - TechWise Episode 3 Transcript

The cybersecurity field is growing, profitable and full of possibility. We asked experts in the field what this career is about - and how...

Cybersecurity: The Big, Profitable Field Techies Are Overlooking

Whether on database servers, websites, proxy servers, apps or in browsers, we asked you for your best practices or top tips on how to cache...

5 Tech Experts Share Their Caching Secrets

Twitter can be a great marketing tool. It can be a great way to network. It’s awesome for content marketing. Unless you mess it up. Want to...

Twitter Fail! 15 Things You Should Never Do On Twitter

Check out some of the risks Facebook is taking with your personal data - and some of the key mistakes they've made so far in handling it.

INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook's Changing Privacy Policy

Companies face many risks when it comes to data breaches. Some occur digitally; some occur when a piece of hardware is stolen from the site...

The Data Security Gap Many Companies Overlook

In 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook famously said that nearly every company in the Fortune 500 was testing iPads. Now, evidence is mounting that...

9 Cool Ways Companies Are Using the iPad

It's easy to confuse bits, bytes and their multiples. Here is a simple explanation about what these measurements mean.

Understanding Bits, Bytes and Their Multiples

Find out what business owners are saying about Windows 8 and whether they plan to upgrade.

Windows 8 for Small Business: Upgrade or Wait?

These companies get top marks from employees for opportunity.

Top 7 Tech Companies With the Most Opportunity

A full definition of big data may still be up for debate, but what no one’s arguing about is that big data is getting bigger by the day.

Big Data's Got a Problem, But It Isn't Technology

A lot of queries go unanswered, but when companies respond, they tend to do so in a big way. Here's why.

For Customer Service, Please Click 'Tweet'

On Facebook, not everything is as it seems. No matter how many friends you have, enemies may be lurking there as well.

6 Sneaky Ways Hackers Can Get Your Facebook Password

When it comes to climbing the corporate ladder in business, education, experience and certifications are only the beginning. Learn about...

How to Become an IT Director: Tips from the Top

If there's anything you need to prove to land a tech job, it's the ability to stay ahead of the curve. Using social media is one way to...

How to Use Twitter to Land a Tech Job

Application software - better known as 'apps' - are seemingly everywhere and being used for everything. But what exactly is an app, and...

An Introduction to Application Software

Tech companies have become known for their off-the-wall interview questions. We look at some of the oddest questions and why companies are...

The Craziest Tech Interview Questions - and What They Might Mean

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: Find out what separates these two wireless technologies.

What is the difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi?

Facebook is so big that scammers are always attempting to lure users on the social network. Learn 7 hallmarks of Facebook scams so you...

7 Signs of a Facebook Scam

Learn about the new version of Bluetooth, what devices can use the new standard, and potential new applications for the technology.

From Bluetooth to New Tooth: A Look at Bluetooth 4.0

The major stumbling block for virtual currencies has been security, but this cryptocurrency thinks it has the answer. Learn all about...

An Intro To Bitcoin: Can A Virtual Currency Work?

Likely you've seen QR codes everywhere. Let's take a look at what these codes are, how they work and how they are used.

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