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What Does Jasper AI Mean?

Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that allows users to instantly produce human-like copy for blog posts, social media ads, emails, landing pages, and more. The platform uses GPT-3 technology to create this copy, which is best known for being a cornerstone of ChatGPT.


Jasper AI was launched in January 2021, with the team behind the platform now growing to over 80 members. The team aims to improve Jasper to the point where it can help streamline the writing process involved in various roles – or replace these roles entirely.

Jasper’s powerful model can create written content in 26 languages, including English, Portuguese, and Japanese. Given its capabilities and accessibility, Jasper has won numerous industry awards and is rated 4.9/5 in over 3,000 reviews across the web.

Techopedia Explains Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a ‘robotic writer’, capable of producing written content up to 10x faster than the average human. The technology underpinning Jasper ensures that outputs are plagiarism-free and do not showcase any inherent biases (e.g., political or religious leanings).

This makes Jasper a viable option for digital marketers and corporate professionals since creative tasks can be ‘outsourced’ to this system. Ultimately, users can benefit tremendously from this process, whether through rapid scaling up of content production or the removal of writer’s block.

One of the key reasons why Jasper has become popular within the digital marketing space is its ability to produce SEO-friendly copy. Jasper can optimize its written content for specific keywords and suggest keywords based on the user’s prompts.

In addition, Jasper can optimize titles and meta descriptions that help boost page rankings. Finally, all of Jasper’s created content is high quality and akin to a skilled writer, which is also a key factor for ranking highly on search engines.

How Does Jasper AI Work?

Jasper AI has a set process that users must follow when creating content. The system cannot yet produce copy based on a single text prompt – it must be given the context that enables it to develop accurate outputs.

Here are the steps involved in creating a written copy with Jasper:

  1. Choose a Template: Users are given a selection of templates they can choose from, including Google Ads headlines, YouTube video descriptions, and email subject lines. These provide context for Jasper to ensure the system understands the target audience, appropriate tone, and style.
  2. Provide Supplementary Information: The user must then input what they want to achieve. This varies depending on the chosen template but can be fields like ‘Product Name’ or ‘Tone of Voice’. The information provided here will inform the copy that Jasper creates.
  3. Generate Content: Jasper draws upon its vast database and knowledge to produce engaging written content suited to the user’s needs.

How Can Jasper AI Produce Human-Style Content?

Jasper AI has been trained on a huge database of web content, mainly marketing copy, that has enabled the system to ‘learn’ specific language patterns and phrases. According to the Jasper AI team, the underlying model has read around 10% of the published Internet.

Jasper uses natural language processing (NLP) protocols to understand the user’s inputs and generate relevant copy. Combined with its database training, Jasper can be a powerful tool for individuals and businesses worldwide.

However, Jasper’s training ended in late 2019 – so the system does not ‘know about’ events from 2020 onwards. Moreover, Jasper’s output isn’t always 100% accurate, so the development team urges users to proofread all created content. This is mitigated somewhat by the free Grammarly integration offered within Jasper subscription plans.

Potential Use Cases for Jasper AI

Jasper AI can help create content for a variety of industries. These include:

  • E-commerce: There are countless ways that Jasper can help within the e-commerce world. These include creating landing pages, writing product descriptions, and producing engaging ad copy.
  • Real Estate: Jasper can produce content for brokers that helps showcase their properties in an attractive light. This content could be used for marketing purposes, allowing the broker to focus on other business areas.
  • Education: Teachers could use Jasper to create engaging learning content for students. The system could also create accurate and compelling course descriptions for higher-education institutions.
  • Healthcare: Jasper could be used by healthcare professionals to provide patients with information about any conditions they might have, along with potential treatments. In addition, private healthcare practices could use Jasper to create engaging copy that effectively highlights the products and services offered.
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