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What is Tectum Crypto (TET)?

Tectum crypto Blockchain is the vanguard of distributed ledger protocol platforms, setting new standards with its unique features. At its core, Tectum offers a proprietary record change signature management algorithm, differentiating itself from competitors.


One of the standout features of Tectum is its awe-inspiring transaction processing capacity, surpassing an astounding rate of 1 million transactions per second (claimed to be the world’s fastest blockchain).

This remarkable speed ensures immediate event status delivery and ownership updates across the entire blockchain network.

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Moreover, Tectum crypto provides distributed access to functional system modules, adding to its versatility.

Unlike traditional blockchain platforms that directly store data within the chain, Tectum adopts an innovative approach where it leverages hashes, which correspond back to the original data stored at a lower level.

By employing hashing, encrypting, and signing bundles at the conclusion of each transaction, Tectum Blockchain effectively segregates the heavy transaction-related data from the main pipeline.

This design choice makes Tectum ideal for lightweight, high-volume applications, making it suitable for diverse use cases, such as recording geo-positioning, handling billing records, managing logistics, and storing municipal or legal records.


One of Tectum’s crowning achievements is SoftNote, a revolutionary solution for scaling Bitcoin to handle an incredibly high volume of transactions, potentially exceeding a million per second.

SoftNotes introduces a unique approach to Bitcoin scaling, offering several advantages over competitive solutions like the Lightning Network. Its simplicity in design translates to fewer points of failure and vulnerabilities, enhancing Bitcoin’s privacy.

Transactions conducted through SoftNotes do not need to be settled on the main BTC chain and do not involve Lightning watchtower nodes, introducing a layer of anonymity unmatched by the Lightning Network.

How Does Tectum Crypto Work?

At the heart of Tectum crypto’s exceptional performance lies its distributed ledger protocol platform powered by a proprietary record change signature management algorithm.

The Tectum Blockchain stands out with its ability to handle over a million transactions per second, aptly named “EVENTS,” this rapid event status delivery and ownership updates, combined with distributed access to functional system modules, position Tectum as a prime candidate to become an overlay network.

Tectum adopts a unique approach to data storage, leveraging hashes that map back to the original data stored at a lower level instead of directly within the blockchain.

This design choice effectively separates heavy transaction-related information from the main pipeline, ensuring efficient data management.

Tectum crypto achieves a remarkable transaction throughput without compromising security procedures by hashing packets, blocks, and various data elements on the upper level of its blockchain.

To further optimize data distribution and enhance its consensus mechanism, Tectum incorporates the proprietary Proof-of-Utility (PoU) consensus.

PoU, as an industry-first innovation, facilitates the distribution and validation of more than a million digital events per second, reinforcing Tectum’s position as a frontrunner in the blockchain space.

Why is Tectum Crypto Important for Blockchain?

Tectum’s significance in the blockchain landscape cannot be overstated; its unmatched transaction processing speed, coupled with the innovative approach to data storage and the ground-breaking SoftNote solution, opens doors to a wide array of applications across various industries.

Recording geo-positioning data, managing billing records, handling logistics, and securely storing municipal or legal records are just a glimpse of Tectum’s potential use cases.

The platform’s adaptability and scalability make it a preferred choice for industries seeking efficient and secure record-keeping solutions.

SoftNote, as Tectum’s flagship product, brings a new dimension to Bitcoin scaling, outperforming existing alternatives – with its simplicity, enhanced privacy, and potential for mass adoption, SoftNote stands as a testament to Tectum’s commitment to driving innovation in the blockchain sector.

Pros and Cons of Tectum Crypto

As with any next-generation technology, Tectum crypto comes with its own set of advantages and potential drawbacks.


Pros Description
Unprecedented Speed Tectum’s ability to process over a million transactions per second positions it as one of the fastest blockchain platforms.
Innovative Data Storage The use of hashes and segregated data management enhances efficiency and security.
SoftNote Solution SoftNote’s unique approach to Bitcoin scaling offers simplicity, enhanced privacy, and transaction speed.
Versatile Use Cases Tectum’s adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of applications beyond traditional cryptocurrencies.


Cons Description
Limited Exchange Availability Tectum’s availability on tier-1 exchanges like Binance and Coinbase is currently limited.
Privacy Concerns As with any blockchain platform, privacy concerns may arise, and users should exercise caution.

Explaining Tectum Crypto Tokenomics and Staking

Digging into Tectum crypto’s TET tokenomics, an image emerges of a broad distribution allocated across the ecosystem, development team and private backers.

TET Hard Cap

Source: Tectum Crypto

Notably, 10% of the token supply is allocated to the team (although remains 100% vested), while 5% has been allocated to team advisors – this is reassuring, matching the same team token % as Ethereum’s initial token distribution, with little risk of an imminent dump.

Supply Schedule Percentage

Source: Tectum Crypto

However, with 20% of token supply held and vested in the hands of early-backers, it is worth being conscious of Tectum cryptos unlock schedule, which will begin aggressive distribution onto the market over the coming year – with significant token unlocks for early backers liable to dump onto the market.

At the time of writing 51% of TCT supply was vested awaiting distribution into the market.

Worthy of note is the Tectum crypto staking opportunity, which at the time of writing offered stakers an alluring 20% APY.

Staking has currently seen 200,000 TCT tokens (4% of supply) locked into 20 staking nodes.

Explaining Tectum Crypto Team and Roadmap

Tectum Team

Source: Tectum Crypto

The Tectum project stands out for its fully doxxed team, which is led at the helm by CEO Russell Sean (a neuroscientist trained at King’s College London).

Tectum crypto is further enabled by Chief Architect and Founder Alex Guseff with more than 6 years of full-stack development experience.

This dedicated team of blockchain innovators and developers have seen rapid completion of Tectum crypto’s multi-year roadmap.

The Tectum crypto roadmap for 2024 features the final two components for the completion of the world’s fastest blockchain project including opening dedicated hardware support for Tectum holders and the opening of the Tectum token launchpad – which will enable future ICOs.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Tectum (TET) emerges as a pioneering force in the blockchain space, introducing revolutionary concepts that address existing challenges and offer innovative solutions.

With unmatched transaction speed, innovative data storage methods, and the game-changing SoftNote solution, Tectum is poised to leave a lasting impact on the blockchain industry.

While it may face challenges in terms of exchange availability and privacy concerns, its potential for diverse applications and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what blockchain technology can achieve make Tectum a project worth watching.

As it continues to evolve and gain traction, Tectum has the potential to reshape the future of blockchain technology.


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