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What does BTTS mean?

You may be intrigued by a particular set of letters on one of the markets on your sports betting coupon: BTTS. What does it mean?

BTTS stands for both teams to score, and it’s one of the most popular wagers among bettors on a variety of sports.

BTTS soccer bets are the most commonly available, but there are now a variety of ways to wager on BTTS, meaning it features on markets relating to several sports.

Both teams to score is a simple yes/no wager. You just have to predict whether or not both sides in a game will make it on to the scoresheet, and bet accordingly.

It’s a great way of staying involved in a game right to the end, and you don’t have to bet on the result of the game – just the likelihood of both teams scoring.

BTTS Meaning

What is BTTS? It means both teams to score. It’s a straightforward yes/no bet. You simply decide whether or not both sides in a game will score.

BTTS betting has been popular for many years among online customers who place wagers on soccer, a sport in which it is not unusual for one or both of the participants to fail to register a goal during a game.

However, there are now BTTS betting opportunities on a variety of sports, as we will explain later.

You’ll find the both teams to score option among the most popular prop bets at your the best online sportsbooks.

How Does it Work?

Now that we’ve established BTTS’s meaning when it appears on your coupon, let’s look at what’s involved in placing a both teams to score bet.

You can place a single BTTS wager on a game if you like. Alternatively, why not compile a BTTS parlay, with several games combined in a single bet?

You’ll also find a variety of BTTS betting options that link the simple yes/no verdict to other outcomes. For instance, you can bet on both teams to score and one of them to win the game, which is useful if you have a strong feeling about who will end up successful.

While most BTTS betting goes on before a game kicks off, you can place a both teams to score bet while the game is in play. The odds will fluctuate according to the state of play, which can make for an enjoyable challenge as you ponder your yes/no decision.

How to Place a BTTS Bet

Most sportsbooks make the process of placing a both teams to score bet as straightforward as possible. BetOnline is no different, follow these steps to place a BTTS bet with them.

  1. Create a BetOnline Account

    It’s easy to create an account, just click JOIN NOW in the top right corner and fill in your details. If you already have an account, skip to step three.
    Create a BetOnline Account
  2. Make a Deposit

    Fund your account with fiat or crypto and you’re ready to play.
    Make a Deposit
  3. Navigate to a Soccer Game

    Find the game you’re interested in. They’re sorted by league and kickoff time in the left hand collapsible menu.
    Navigate to a Soccer Game
  4. Find the BTTS Market and Bet

    Scroll down to the both teams to score market and place your bet if the odds are right.
     Find the BTTS Market and Bet

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As you can see, BTTS betting is as simple as answering a yes/no question: will both teams score in the game?

You can also combine several games in a parlay or combine your BTTS verdict with your prediction of who is going to win the game in a same game parlay.

When to Place a Both Teams to Score Bet

You may decide to place a both teams to score bet for a variety of reasons. You may think the result of the game is too close to call, but have a strong opinion on the likelihood that both teams will hit the target.

The ideal time to get involved in BTTS betting is after you have done plenty of research into the game in question, and the teams facing off in it.

In the case of a BTTS soccer bet, for instance, look at each team’s recent games. Have they scored regularly? Equally, have they conceded a lot of goals.

It’s also worth looking at previous meetings between the teams, and checking out the league they play in. You can find dedicated online resources that show which leagues around the world currently score highest for BTTS soccer betting.

The more statistics you can find to back up your own knowledge of the sport and the teams in question, the more successful your BTTS tips are likely to be.

Sports for BTTS Bets

Traditionally, the sports most suited to BTTS bets were those in which there was a genuine chance that one side – or even both – might go through a whole game without scoring.

As a result, BTTS soccer betting is the main center of activity for this style of sports wagering.

In more recent years, however, as online sportsbooks have sought out ever more inventive ways of attracting bets, other sports have jumped on the BTTS bandwagon.

This has extended the BTTS meaning to cover not just whether both teams would score, but how many they would record between them.
In hockey and baseball, for instance, you can wager on whether or not both teams will score more than a certain number of goals or runs.

It’s a neat extension of this attractive and simple style of prop bet, and ensures that BTTS betting is more popular than ever.

Alternative BTTS Bets

Online sportsbooks are always looking for new ways to entertain their clientele. The range of both teams to score betting options have increased steadily over recent years as a result.

There are now ways to enjoy BTTS betting on a range of sports in which you can be virtually certain both teams will score… but how many?

BTTS Over/Under Line (Basketball)

BTTS Over/Under Line (Basketball)

The way the strict BTTS meaning has been relaxed in recent years is shown most clearly in betting on basketball, one of the most high-scoring sports you can watch anywhere in the world.

The line between BTTS bets and over/under has been blurred with the offering of a BTTS over/under market. You can bet on the total number of points recorded by both teams in a quarter, or a half.
You are not betting on the overall outcome of the game, merely on how high-scoring it will be.

Goal in Both Halves (Soccer)

Goal in Both Halves (Soccer)

This is a variation on the traditional way one you ordinarily bet on soccer. You can now wager on both teams to score in both halves – for which the odds will naturally be longer than in the match as a whole.

Many soccer bettors enjoy this challenge, and add to the excitement by compiling multi-game parlays with their BTTS tips.

Touchdowns in Every Quarter (Football)

Touchdowns in Every Quarter (Football)

Football is a sport that does not, on the face of things, lend itself easily to BTTS betting, but the best NFL betting sites have found a way…

You can usually be fairly certain that both sides will get on the scoreboard at some stage.

However, you can now enjoy a both teams to score bet on the NFL – the question you are answering is, will both teams score a touchdown in every quarter or not?

It’s yet another example of the flexibility and creativity that online sportsbooks have shown in the way they have extended the range of options available to fans of BTTS betting.

When it’s Best to Place a BTTS Bet

There are many reasons why you’d choose to place a both teams to score bet.

You may not have a strong view about which team will win the game – but you have researched their recent games and have an opinion as to whether both sides will score or not.

BTTS betting is an excellent way to be involved in the action without cheering on one side or the other. All that matters is whether or not they get on the scoreboard.

In terms of the timing of your bet, traditionally a BTTS wager would be placed before a game kicks off. You have time to scrutinize the relevant statistics at your leisure and come up with your verdict.

However, BTTS bets now appear in the in-play section of many sportsbook websites and apps. The longer a soccer game goes on without a goal, the better the odds about both teams scoring will become, though, obviously, the likelihood of both teams scoring decreases.

Be aware that betting will be temporarily suspended when a side scores or when a dangerous attack is underway.


So there you have it. We’ve covered BTTS meaning, key details of BTTS betting, and how to place a BTTS bet.

Find a game in which you think the scoreboard attendant will be busy and put your money down on this great bet type.


What are the best games for a BTTS Bet?

Can you place BTTS as a live bet?

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