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What is the difference between deep learning and machine learning?


Deep learning is a much-hyped buzzword that sees AI mimic some of the aspects of human neural activity for the likes of processing raw data and, ultimately, attempting to figure out what to do with it. The potential for such automated data analysis is being heavily explored by the fintech industry. Data sets that could take people decades to deconstruct and decipher can be analyzed in a fraction of the time with deep learning's human-like construct.

What is machine learning, on the other hand? Fundamentally, it is the art of enabling a computer to mimic some of the thinking habits of a human and to improve accuracy over time as a computer begins to anticipate without human intervention. But the father of AI said it best: “I believe that at the end of the century the use of words and general educated opinion will have altered so much that one will be able to speak of machines thinking without expecting to be contradicted." – Alan Turing

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