Web Roundup: Security Remains a Top Concern

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New updates and emerging threats keep security and privacy a top concern in the tech world.

How secure are you? That seems to be the theme in the tech industry as of late. Security against malware, disease and read-receipt functionality are top of mind for many smartphone, app and Internet users. Check out the top stories that have people buzzing about this topic in this week’s Web roundup.

Apple’s Invincible OS Might Have More Malware Than You Think

In the past, the Mac operating system was thought to be stronger and more secure against outside threats than Android. But the tide has been shifting here. Over the past two months, Apple has reported three types of malware striking their famous OS. The malware sneaks onto iPhones and iPads through computers. Once a phone is plugged in to the USB port (to do something as basic as download pictures, charge the device or upload new music) the phone or tablet is infected. Apple goes to great lengths to keep its devices free of malware, so a connection via a desktop computer seems to be the only way malware is sneaking onto mobile devices – for now.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Is Starting an Offline Security Campaign Against Ebola

You read that right. The social media giant has started a new campaign to stop Ebola. Keep your eyes peeled for a new donation button popping up on newsfeeds care of CEO Mark Zuckerberg. When clicked, you’ll have the option to donate your hard-earned money to one of three charities: the American Red Cross, the International Medical Corps or Save the Children. In addition, you’ll get access to information about Ebola from UNICEF.

Google Maps’ New Looks Is Not a Virus

Did your Google Maps get a little more colorful recently? You’re not alone. The search engine giant recently announced a new, more vibrant look to Google Maps on Android and iPhones. In the design change, Google moved a few features around and updated the look to provide a new feel to its materials, layers and buttons. Now, your maps will come to life as you search for directions, try to find recommendations, or look up images of locations. Other improvements include sharing features, restaurant reservations and better Uber integration.

WhatsApp’s New Feature Has Some Users Up In Arms About Privacy

Sometimes, you receive a message and just can’t respond. What if that message was sensitive? What if it was personal? What if the person on the other end was so eager for a response that they religiously checked to see when you got the message and wondered why you didn’t reply in a timely manner? It’s a problem that many WhatsApp users are having now with the newest feature – the blue tick marks. They’re a quiet new addition to WhatsApp messaging shows users when a message has been read. For people who want to keep their privacy this new feature is causing some havoc. Folks are screaming for a way to opt out of the read-receipt functionality.

Amazon Prime Members Get Yet Another Perk

Amazon Prime members are rejoicing over a new perk that’s added to the list – unlimited photo storage. It’s a free feature with Amazon Prime. For people who are camera-trigger happy, this is a welcome addition. It means never having to delete old memories just to add some space onto the computer. It means getting fast backups of your top pictures. This new feature is certainly a welcome one from one of the Web’s biggest giants.


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