Kimberly Crossland

Kimberly Crossland graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in international business and marketing. She started her career overseas for one of the leading computer security software companies. Then, she returned to the United States and worked with a cloud collaboration startup firm. Now, she works as a writer offering important information for people in IT on the most current trends and how they can employ those trends to give their business legs to succeed.

Articles by Kimberly Crossland

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Mobile Technology: Top Twitter Influencers to Follow

This week's roundup includes a new twist on a classic toy, new payment options and even new technology for microwaving food.

Web Roundup: Strange New Claims and Creations

Privacy, transparency and sightings of the new Tesla Model X are all in this week's Web Roundup.

Web Roundup: Major Privacy Updates in Technology Worldwide

Some new technology isn't living up to expectations, while some is making a comeback. We also look at the newest in navigation and hiring...

Web Roundup: Privacy, Hacking and Emerging Technology

Take a look back at 2014 and ahead to 2015 to see what's new in technology.

Web Roundup: A Look Ahead at 2015

Companies that fail to keep pace with innovation often fail altogether. This week's tech news includes stories about some interesting new...

Web Roundup: New Innovations and Releases in the Tech World

Get the latest on new threats and privacy concerns in this edition of Web Roundup.

Web Roundup: Security Remains a Top Concern

As technology innovations surge ahead, some apps are falling short on the security side of things. Read about this and more in this week's...

Web Roundup: Is Technology Costing You More Than You Realize?
Web Roundup: Smartphones, Hackers and Cutting-Edge Mobile Technology

As more innovation takes place, the mobile industry is in prime position for tremendous growth and forward movement.

Web Roundup: Development in the Mobile Industry Is On Fire

Apple's latest releases have mobile manufacturers and programmers working feverishly to keep up with the competition. Read this and more...

Web Roundup: Oops! Apple Does It Again

Mobile technology is making dramatic new improvements, while other technology makers continue to get left behind.

Web Roundup: Wearables, Mobile and a Dog's Eye View of the World

As mobile technology continues to advance, consumers look forward to innovation but still worry about security. Check out this past week's...

Web Roundup: Smartphones are Smarter Than Ever ... Again

Major shifts in the technology industry are shifting the future of data and Internet access. Check out the past week's top stories in this...

Web Roundup: New Waves in the Technology Industry

Emerging technologies continue to take lead in the tech industry, while older technologies fall to the wayside (and cost jobs). Check out...

Web Roundup: Microsoft Layoffs, Facebook Experiments and the Dangers of Data Hoarding

The more big data analytics are used by major organizations, the more privacy and security becomes a concern. Read more about it in some of...

Web Roundup: Big Data Scores at the World Cup

Big data has become essential in modern business, but most companies aren't using it to its full potential due to lack of proper analytics....

Can Big Data Analytics Close the Business Intelligence Gap?

Analytics has become a key tool in business. Find out why - and discover what it does best.

The 4 Key Benefits of Business Analytics

New phones are entering the market just as fast as large tech giants are getting exposed for their less-than-ethical operations. Check out...

Web Roundup: Mobile Releases, DSL Ripoffs and Microsoft's Plea for Positive Press

Privacy concerns and lawsuits have yet to put a damper on innovation and development in the mobile industry. Check out some of the top...

Web Roundup: Privacy, Internet Speeds and Room for Innovation in the Digital Music Industry

The continued proliferation of bitcoin raises the stakes as digital currency powers forward in the market. Check out some of the past...

Web Roundup: It's Raining Bitcoin!

This cryptocurrency probably gets enough press, but despite its fame, it's still a bit of a mystery. Check out some of the past week's top...

Web Roundup: Stories About Bitcoin Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Big data is empowering companies of all sizes to make better decisions for their customers. Check out the top stories about big data this...

Web Roundup: What's Next for Hadoop Might Surprise You

This week, we take a look at several big data stories - and the Web-wide security gap we should all be taking care of.

Web Roundup: Big Data Debates, Security and the Heartbleed Bug

This week we explore expansions in the tech industry, as well as the Internet of Things and wearables.

Web Roundup: Wearables, Hadoop and Making Big Data and IoT More Accessible

As part of this month's feature on IoT, we've pulled together some of the most interesting content from around the Web about this emerging...

Web Roundup: Awesome Angles on IoT

From big data for house cleaners to the ebb and flow of mobile technology, we've got it all here on this week's roundup of top stories from...

Web Roundup: Small Business, Mobile, Wearable Technology and More

Big data is everywhere, but is there anything it can't do? It's all here in our Web roundup, where we pull together some of the best...

Web Roundup: Big Data Is Winning the Hearts of Children, Lovers and Lawyers

Big data attempts to pry into people's private lives, which means that consumers need to be more vigilant than ever before about protecting...

5 Big Privacy Problems That Come With Big Data

There's a lot of buzz going around about wearable technology. We examine some of these and determine whether they're hot or not.

Wearable Tech: Geek or Chic?

Even with the negative publicity surrounding Apple's iOS 7, there seems to be more promise than initially predicted, as it continues to...

Beyond the Hype: 7 Key New Features in iOS 7

3-D printing may be new, but it has already been put to work by businesses, consumers, thieves and law enforcement agencies.

A 3-D Printer Isn't a Replicator Yet, But These People Are Using It Anyway

Big data is being sought as a solution to all kinds of problems that extend well beyond the tech realm - even over the business realm. Here...

5 Real-World Problems Big Data Can Solve

As Twitter becomes an increasingly important source of information, hackers are turning it into a playground. Check out some of the biggest...

Top 4 Most Devastating Twitter Feed Hacks

Just how well do you understand computers? If the answer is "barely," then here are some explanations to help you on your way to computer...

10 Signs You're Computer Illiterate

There's a lot of back and forth about whether Windows 8 is right for businesses. Here's what it has to offer.

Why Businesses Will Love Windows 8

For many, Siri has become invaluable in assisting with day-to-day tasks, but even with her advanced voice recognition technology, she's...

Pardon Moi? Top Siri Fail Messages

Big data is like a puzzle. Put it together in a way that works for your organization, and you can help it thrive. Here are five things you...

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