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What Does Merge Mean?

Merge is the process of combining the various versions of a file or folder. This feature is typically found in version control software as a fundamental operation that is responsible for reconciliation of changes of data in a file. Merging software is able to combine changes in files placed in two different systems or used by different users.


Merge is also known as integrate.

Techopedia Explains Merge

Merging is the practice of taking two or more groups of data in the form of a file or folder, and combining them into a single file or folder, respectively. Most revision control software has the capability to marge data as well as perform other similar functions. Merging is commonly used in organizations or systems where documents or data are changed by different users or systems. Merging combines all the sets of changes into a single file to avoid overlapping of data.

Generic merging is actually a form of the copy command in MS-DOS, which essentially takes one or more files and combines the data into one.


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