Going Cloud

Last updated: April 26, 2017

What Does Going Cloud Mean?

Going cloud refers to a business's move toward cloud computing, and the reasons, viability, benefits and issues that may arise from shifting an organization’s in-house computing architecture to a remote cloud infrastructure.

To go cloud involves the impacts an organization may face after the adoption of all or any of the cloud service model for its business processes.


Techopedia Explains Going Cloud

"Go cloud" is primarily a positive decree used to advertise cloud computing and identify the benefits such a solution has to offer to businesses and end users. Encouragement toward going cloud often underlines the significance of different cloud models such as software as a service, infrastructure as a service and platform as a service, and compares these models with more traditional provider delivery models to highlight what businesses may have to gain by the switch.

Generally, go cloud is used as a sales and marketing pitch by cloud vendors to describe the monetary and management benefits of a cloud computing solution.


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