Metamask Snaps

What is Metamask Snaps?

Metamask Snaps is a new offering that allows users to access even more functionalities beyond the standard offerings on the Metamask wallet.


Created by an independent team of developers working on the Metamask wallet project, Snaps allows users to interact with new features not included in the default configuration of their non-custodial software wallet.

To grasp the concept of Metamask Snaps, think of them as similar to widgets or browser extensions that make the Internet browsing experience more seamless and enjoyable.

Techopedia Explains

Launched on 12 September 2023 on Metamask’s mainnet, the feature enables users to fine-tune their Web3 experience with various tools and blockchain-based services.

As explained by the development team, once enabled on a user’s device, Snaps will automatically support new blockchain networks, transaction security providers, and a variety of notification chat systems.

Under the hood, Metamask Snaps offers three core services:

  • Transaction Insights: Essential for ensuring crypto safety, especially in the high-risk blockchain landscape. This set of tools will allow users to view their transactions better before the final digital approval is given. For instance, Saferoot will intercept dangerous transactions in real-time and directly move users’ crypto assets to prevent phishing or hacking attacks on their wallets.
  • Notifications: Staying informed about market developments is essential for crypto investors. The notifications aspect of Metamask Snaps comes into play here. It sends crypto news and push notifications directly to a user’s wallet interface, simplifying receiving updates from their preferred decentralized applications (dApps) regarding ongoing exploits or potential airdrop events.

How to Use Metamask Snaps?

Snaps are available on all Metamask-supported devices like the web, iOS, and Android. To activate the new feature, make sure:

  • The latest Metamask wallet version is downloaded, as this feature is operational in V11.0 and above.
  • Then proceed to the Metamask Snaps Directory on either the wallet browser icon or your web browser.
  • Once there, scroll through all the offered functions and click on the “Snap” you’re interested in.
  • Then, tap the “Add to Metamask” button and click the “Confirm” icon to successfully add it to the software wallet.
  • After the installation, you can view all added Snaps by heading to the “Settings” tab and clicking “Snaps.” From here, you can disable, re-enable, or remove a Snap from the Metamask wallet by clicking on the appropriate icon.

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