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What is AlphaDEX (ROAR)?

AlphaDEX (ROAR) is a cutting-edge decentralized automated market maker (AMM) that offers advanced trading solutions, such as yield farming and a non-fungible token (NFT) launchpad powered by Moonriver and Moonbeam.


Moonriver is a Polkadot Parachain, while Moonbeam is a blockchain platform within the Polkadot ecosystem. The AlphaDEX platform uses both chains to enable market creation, share rewards from liquidity pools, and more.

Techopedia Explains

Launched in November 2021 by entrepreneur Dan Gibbs, a seasoned finance expert, AlphaDEX aims to revolutionize user interactions with AMM protocols.

In the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, AMMs play a crucial role by facilitating trading through liquidity pools.

Unlike traditional trading with buyers and sellers interacting on an order book, AMMs LP is stocked with digital assets, allowing users to trade against them, providing liquidity, and earning fees in return.

Despite their significance in decentralized trading, several AMMs in the DeFi space face certain challenges. Many existing protocols are not entirely decentralized, meaning they may have centralized elements that contradict the trustless nature of their DeFi setup.

AlphaDEX tackles these challenges through a myriad of functionalities:

  • An innovative NFT launchpad for exclusive releases.
  • Yield farming to enhance liquidity.
  • An incubator to foster new projects.

The project has partnered with industry-leading companies, such as FishDAO, Brotherhood, Artful Capital, BBS Finance, MoonWhale, SPIDERSILK Capital, MAGNUS Capital, Black Edge Capital, and more, to help bring a new level of trading protocol and optimal customer experience.

What is the ROAR Token?

The ROAR token is an integral element of the AlphaDEX ecosystem, serving as both a utility and a mechanism to reward users for each qualifying transaction within the protocol.

Although the ecosystem is relatively new, the ROAR token fulfills significant roles, including:

  • Product Offering: ROAR token holders enjoy exclusive priority for participation in top-tier projects launched via the launchpad.
  • Governance: Holders of ROAR tokens can actively participate in voting processes pertaining to the initiation and execution of new projects and the establishment of policies and developments within the AlphaDEX ecosystem.
  • Staking: AlphaDEX allows users to stake ROAR and earn interest over a locked period. Holders of the native token will receive the best staking and yield farming rewards in the form of NFTs.
  • Rewards: The ROAR token serves as an incentive to reward users for every eligible transaction within the protocol.

How Does AlphaDEX Work?

Below is a breakdown of how AlphaDEX functions:

  • AlphaDEX offers a ready-to-go decentralized swap trading AMM. This facilitates the automatic swapping of assets without traditional order books. Unlike centralized or limited decentralized AMM, users trade directly against liquidity pools consisting of pairs of digital assets. The pricing of assets is determined algorithmically based on the supply and demand within these pools. This approach allows users to instantly trade one cryptocurrency for another, which provides liquidity, efficiency, and accessibility for other users to execute trades seamlessly.
  • Early adopters benefit from a 3% share of token distribution and priority access to platform rewards.
  • AlphaDEX features an NFT launchpad. The launchpad enables the fractionalization of NFTs on Moonriver. This means that the ownership of a specific NFT will be divided among multiple holders, allowing individuals to collectively own and trade portions of high-value NFTs.

  • The AMM also presents a state-of-the-art yield farming functionality that enables liquidity providers (LPs) to contribute crypto assets to liquidity pools on the platform. In return, they receive rewards. AlphaDEX yield farming aims to incentivize user participation, scale liquidity in decentralized exchanges, and promote the growth of DeFi ecosystems. However, it comes with risks, including impermanent loss and smart contract vulnerabilities.
  • The AMM platform integrates security in its work structure to audit all smart contracts. Through the integration of RD auditors, a leading blockchain security platform that focuses on solidarity and smart contract audits, AlphaDEX mitigates the potential for loss of assets.

History of AlphaDEX

The AlphaDEX project was launched in November 2021 by Dan Gibbs. Although Gibbs set the project in motion, the current CEO, Todd K, has taken charge of guiding the AlphaDEX team.

This development team, driven by a shared passion for DeFi and bolstered by industry expertise, released its roadmap and whitepaper the same year.

Below is a breakdown of AlphaDEX’s trajectory since its early days:

Year Event
November 2021 Deployment and user interface (UI) integration of DEX into Moonriver.
Late November 2021 Venture capital (VC) and strategic investor fundraising rounds commence.
December 2021 The ROAR token debuted on top-tier exchanges, including Finexbox and KuCoin.
January 2022 Fundraising rounds generated $3 million.
January 2022 Beta: Yield farming and LP Shadow staking builds were released for the tester community.
February 2022 AlphaDEX released an all-new integrated IDO Launchpad, ‘Savana Launchpad,’ with auto listing onto Alphadex AMM.
April 2022 AlphaDEX launched new attractive LP staking & farming programs to strengthen Alphadex AMM.
June 2022 An unspecified quantity of ROAR was airdropped to every AMM user who completed a trade.
August 2022 AlphaDEX burned an unspecified amount of ROAR tokens. 

ROAR Tokenomics

As of 28 November 2023, the ROAR token has a market capitalization of $38.64M, a fully diluted market cap of $89.27M, and a total supply of 120M.

Here is a breakdown of ROAR token distribution:

Groups Amount Distributed
AlphaDEX Development 15% of the total supply
Dev Group and Ecosystem 15% of the total supply, respectively. 
Liquidity and Ecosystem 34.5% of the total supply
Community and Marketing 20% of the total supply
Public and Launchpads 2.5% of the total supply
Early Contributors 3% of the total supply
Private and Strategic Purposes 10% of the total supply

What Makes AlphaDEX Unique?

AlphaDEX stands out as a cutting-edge decentralized AMM. The innovative platform’s uniqueness lies in several key features.

Firstly, AlphaDEX is fully decentralized, avoiding the drawbacks of partial decentralization in many current protocols. Due to its integration with Moonriver and Moonbeam, it leverages the power of Polkadot’s parachain technology, ensuring a seamless and interoperable trading experience.

The platform also introduces advanced swap trading features, allowing users to trade with liquidity pools seamlessly. Early adopters enjoy optimal benefits, with a 3% share of the total token distribution and priority access to platform rewards.

Additionally, AlphaDEX pioneers an NFT launchpad, enabling fractional ownership on Moonriver and expanding accessibility to high-value NFTs.

This comprehensive approach positions the platform as a utility-driven AMM platform in the DeFi ecosystem.

The Bottom Line

AlphaDEX’s integration of yield farming, incubator, NFT launchpads, and unique work structures seeks to revolutionize investor engagement with AMMs.

The platform’s recent collaborations and partnerships with leading capital trading firms underscore the trust and promising potential it holds in the AMM space.

While still in continuous development, the AlphaDEX team can leverage the burgeoning technology landscape to provide the DeFi space with more intrinsic projects.


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