What is Cryptosis?

Cryptosis is a term commonly used by trading enthusiasts to describe an insatiable hunger for information concerning cryptocurrencies and broader market trends. People who exhibit cryptosis are obsessive about trends, crypto news, and trading opinions from market analysts.


While staying well-informed is crucial, cryptosis can sometimes pass as an anxiety mode for traders. Excessive monitoring of the rapidly changing crypto landscape, including price volatility and charts, can have a significant impact on traders’ work and personal relationships.

Furthermore, fear of missing out (FOMO) on potentially profitable trades could be overwhelming, triggering mood swings and anxiety if their investments do not yield the expected results.

The influx of information can be challenging to keep up with, leading to decision paralysis that might impact traders’ overall market strategies.

How to Manage Cryptosis

An overload of information can do more harm than good, hence why management is important.

Investors should always set boundaries on information consumption by:

  • Focusing on reliable sources for information;
  • Maintaining long-term strategy;
  • Avoiding impulsive decisions driven by FOMO;
  • Regularly taking breaks to clear the mind;
  • Researching new market trends to avoid pump-and-dump schemes;
  • Joining a reputable trading community for data-driven insights on market trajectory.

Collectively, these measures can mitigate the risks associated with cryptosis and ensure the preservation of traders’ mental and emotional well-being.


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