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What is DeepL?

DeepL is a translator that can translate text and files into 31 different languages in real time. Users can access DeepL on the official website or via a desktop app for Windows and Mac, a browser extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or a mobile app from Google Play or the App Store.


To use the tool, all users need to do is select the source language they want to translate and the target language to which they want the text translated. Then, they can initiate the translation by typing the text manually or by dragging and dropping the Word, PDF, and PowerPoint files they want to translate.

The solution also comes with DeepL Write (currently in Beta), which is designed to identify grammar and punctuation mistakes, rephrase sentences, and improve the overall quality of the translation.

What is DeepL Pro?

DeepL Pro is a paid upgrade for DeepL that comes without a limit on the amount of text the user can translate. The free version has some basic limits, including a limit of 3 file translations per month, and the ability to only upload files up to 5MB.

Another key difference between DeepLPro and the free plan is that DeepL Pro provides 5 editable file translations. This means that files can be edited during the translation process, granting users more options for customization.

Users can also create a unique glossary of terminologies, which the solution can use to inform its translations.

Lastly, DeepL Pro immediately deletes the text after the translation. This means that enterprises can use the solution to process documents without exposing the content to unauthorized third parties.

It’s worth noting that some Pro versions also offer Single sign-on (SSO), which enables team members to sign in via SSO and control who has access to the service.

How Does DeepL Work?

DeepL’s translation system uses a neural network trained on millions of translated texts. This neural network is designed to analyze the meaning of texts and translate them into another language.

The underlying training data used to train the network has been gathered with a web crawler that identifies publicly available, high-quality translations.

To process this dataset, DeepL uses supervised learning (and other machine learning techniques) to compare its own translations against those in its dataset to assess its overall accuracy.

How Accurate is DeepL?

The overall accuracy of DeepL, as with many translation solutions, depends on the source language and target language used, and the type and complexity of the text you’re translating.

That being said, DeepL claims that its translation capabilities are over 3x more accurate than competitors like Google Translate.

In support of this claim, the company highlights that in 2021, it hired external professional translators to blind-review translations across multiple systems, including DeepL, Google Translate, Amazon Translate, and Microsoft Translator.

The results found that DeepL outperformed all other competitors significantly on English to German, German to English, and English to French translations.

Of course, these results have to be taken with a pinch of salt due to the fact that they were commissioned by DeepL. In another basic test, the Japanese blog Gigazine found that DeepL’s Japanese translation was superior to Google Translate’s.

How Much Does DeepL Cost?

Pricing for DeepL depends on the package chosen.

DeepL Pro offers different plans for individuals, teams, and developers.

Plan Description
Starter Is the least expensive and starts at $8.74 per user per month. It comes with:
– Unlimited text translation;
– 5 editable file translations;
– Supports files of up to 10MB in size, a glossary with 5,000 entries, and team administration capabilities.
Advanced Costs $28.74 per user per month and includes:
– Unlimited text translation;
– 20 editable file translations;
– Supports files up to 20MB in size, 2,000 glossaries with 5,000 entries each, team administration, single sign-on (SSO), and a CAT tool integration, which enables users to access DeepL translations via a CAT tool.
Ultimate Costs $57.49 per user per month and includes:
– Unlimited text translation;
– 100 editable file translations’
– Supports files up to 30MB in size, 2,000 glossaries with 5,000 entries each, team administration, SSO, and a CAT tool integration.


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