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What is Notcoin?

Notcoin is a popular Telegram-based game that incorporates the “tap-to-earn” mining mechanism. The game initially allowed players to sign up and tap on a gold coin image to earn in-game rewards.


By completing quests and tasks, users could unlock additional boosts and prizes. The game quickly gained immense popularity, attracting millions of players who later received an airdrop of the Notcoin token.

However, as all the coins are now in circulation, the play-to-earn (P2E) game has concluded. Notcoin has now entered a new phase, transitioning to an “explore-to-earn” model, offering users fresh opportunities to engage with the game and earn rewards through exploration.

What is Notcoin?

$NOT Token

The NOT token is the native cryptocurrency of Notcoin. It was created to convert the in-game Notcoins into a tradable cryptocurrency. An airdrop distributed a significant portion of the NOT tokens to users who participated in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Notcoin is a popular Telegram-based game initially built on a “tap-to-earn” model, allowing users to earn in-game rewards by tapping on a gold coin image.
  • The game, developed by Open Builders, has transitioned to an “explore-to-earn” model after all coins entered circulation.
  • Notcoin plays a key role in the TON ecosystem by driving the development of decentralized applications.
  • Notcoin’s features include boosts, power-ups, leaderboards, quests, and community-building elements like squads within the game.
  • The future of Notcoin includes new earning mechanics, staking opportunities, and becoming a platform for social and viral games, akin to “Netflix for games.”

Origins of Notcoin

Developed by Open Builders, a team specializing in creating viral social games, Notcoin made its debut in November 2023 as a closed beta available exclusively on Telegram.

The game’s mining phase concluded on April 1st, temporarily pausing gameplay while recording the Notcoin balances of all players. Throughout the mining phase, users collectively generated over 8.888 trillion taps and expended more than 17 trillion Notcoins within the game.

Following the completion of the mining phase, players were rewarded with an airdrop of NOT, an actual token built on the TON ecosystem.

How Notcoin Works?

Initially, Notcoin operated on a straightforward concept, allowing users to earn coins by simply tapping on their mobile phone screens. The game’s mechanics were simple and intuitive: tap on the prominent yellow coin and receive a reward.

The game also incorporated various boost mechanics, allowing players to increase the number of coins earned per tap. Free bonuses, categorized as full energy and turbo, were refreshed on a daily basis.

Players could then use their earnings from playing Notcoin to purchase a range of in-game items, such as new backgrounds or coin skins, which provided additional rewards upon tapping.

Furthermore, Notcoin offered a sense of community as players had the option to join squads, forming collaborative groups within the game. These squads were established by administrators of Telegram channels, allowing users to contribute and engage with larger communities.

Notcoin’s Role in the TON Ecosystem

Notcoin plays a key role within the TON ecosystem, specifically in driving the development and adoption of decentralized applications (dApps).

Developers have the opportunity to utilize Notcoin as an incentive mechanism to encourage user engagement with their dApps. By integrating Notcoin rewards, developers can establish a self-sustaining economy within the TON ecosystem.

Additionally, Notcoin rewards network participants who contribute to the security and maintenance of the TON blockchain. Through the process of “staking,” users can allocate their Notcoin holdings to validate transactions and uphold the network’s integrity. In return for their contribution, stakers receive rewards.

Notcoin Features

Notcoin Features

Notcoin offers a range of features and functionalities that contribute to its engaging gameplay and integration with the TON ecosystem.

Play-to-Earn Model
Players can earn Notcoins by simply tapping on the coin icon within the game.

Boosts and Power-ups
To maximize earnings, players can take advantage of various in-game boosts and power-ups.

Leaderboards and Quests
Global leaderboards and quests add a competitive element to the game, motivating players to strive for higher rankings and complete challenges.
Community and Social Features
Notcoin fosters a sense of community by enabling players to form squads, invite friends, and participate in shared activities.
Integration with TON
By leveraging the power of the TON blockchain, Notcoin ensures fast and secure transactions.

Notcoin Tokenomics

The Notcoin ecosystem is supported by a total supply of 102.7 billion NOT tokens. These tokens are distributed across different categories to ensure the growth and development of the project.

The majority of NOT tokens, 78% to be precise, are allocated to miners. To support the long-term sustainability and development of the ecosystem, the Ecosystem Fund receives 9% of the token supply.

A portion of the token supply, 5%, is dedicated to community incentives. Another 5% of the token supply is allocated to development while Binance Launchpool holds 3% of the sum.

How Do You Earn Notcoin?

How Do You Earn Notcoin?

Previously, users could simply earn Notcoin by tapping. However, since the mining phase of the game has ended, that option is no longer available.

Nevertheless, the game is expected to return with new features and a revamped rewards model. Once the new update is live, players will once again be able to earn tokens by interacting with the game’s updated mechanics and participating in community-driven events.

Moreover, Notcoin plans to partner with various projects and platforms where users would be able to earn NOT tokens by engaging with partner content. This might include completing specific tasks, participating in promotions, or other engagement activities within the Notcoin ecosystem.

Notcoin Roadmap

Notcoin’s roadmap includes big plans to ensure the project’s growth and integration within the crypto world. It highlights key plans like staking and a social games platform that will shape the future of Notcoin.

In a bid to enhance token utility and incentivize long-term holding, Notcoin intends to introduce staking opportunities. Users will have the ability to stake their $NOT tokens and earn interest, providing additional motivation for investors to retain the cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, Notcoin envisions itself as a prominent platform for social and viral games. Co-creator of Open Builders, Sasha Plotvinov, refers to it as a “Netflix for games.” This platform will serve as a launchpad for developers, granting them access to a vast audience.

Notcoin Pros and Cons


  • Large user base
  • Fair distribution
  • Staking rewards
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Active community


  • Market volatility
  • Regulatory risks
  • Technical barriers
  • Security concerns

The Project’s Future

Notcoin is set to make a comeback with some exciting changes. While the gameplay was temporarily paused after the token launch, it will be revived with continued coin-earning functionality.

Moreover, Notcoin has plans for additional enhancements and features. The team intends to incorporate “trading bot” functionality, enabling users to buy and sell crypto tokens directly through Telegram.

Ultimately, Notcoin aims to transform its app into a “Netflix for social, viral games.” Developers will be able to deploy their own simple, social games within the platform, leveraging the extensive ecosystem of players that Notcoin has attracted.

The Bottom Line

Notcoin, meaning a popular Telegram-based game developed by Open Builders, was initially designed with a “tap-to-earn” model where users could earn in-game rewards by tapping on a gold coin image. The game has now transitioned to an “explore-to-earn” model.

Looking ahead, Notcoin plans to introduce new earning mechanics and staking opportunities, and aims to become a platform for social and viral games, akin to “Netflix for games.”


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