Marvel is Making an Interactive ‘What If…?’ Story for Apple Vision Pro

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Key Takeaways

  • Marvel and ILM are readying an interactive 'What If...?' story for Apple Vision Pro.
  • The hour-long project uses mixed reality and will have you tour the MCU.
  • There's no release date just yet.

Marvel has revealed that it’s working on an interactive Apple Vision Pro story based on the Disney+ alternate-universe series What If…? with help from Industrial Light and Magic.

The mixed reality experience will last for roughly an hour, and have you learn “mystical arts” (presumably from Doctor Strange ally Wong). You’ll also visit both new and recognizable locations from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Characters like Thanos and The Watcher are visible in a teaser image.

Interactive marketing executive Dave Bushore, who helmed projects for Marvel movies like Iron Man 3 and Shang-Chi, is helming the Apple Vision Pro effort. Executive producers also come from the likes of Disney+ original X-Men ’97 and the recent movie The Marvels.

The Apple Vision Pro release is only described as “coming soon.”

What If…? is an animated Disney+ series that lets its creators explore different takes on key MCU moments that The Watcher seeks to protect. It imagines Peggy Carter taking Captain America’s super serum, for instance. The move lets the developers of the Apple Vision Pro experience try concepts without them becoming Marvel canon.

The audience for a Marvel interactive tale on Apple Vision Pro isn’t large. Analysts estimate that Apple might ship just a few hundred thousand headsets through all of 2024, and the $3,499 price makes it difficult to justify a purchase just for one story. However, this might get a significant reception when Vision Pro owners still have relatively little native content.

The app also hints at how mixed reality entertainment might ship going forward. Rather than releasing a pure game or a passive video, Marvel is blending the two for the Apple Vision Pro — you can hop into a virtual world for a short but immersive visit.