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“What career is right for me?” Many people who have ever felt disillusioned with their current job wonder, intrigued by the tech industry’s high salaries and endless opportunities. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

With AI transforming corporate America, every business is arguably a tech company. This shift is changing the workplace, where learning new skills and digital expertise matter more than how long you’ve been in a job.

New opportunities are opening up for anyone to pivot into a new career in tech and climb from entry-level to senior positions without needing a traditional academic path.

Are you ready to find your dream tech job? Take our free tech career quiz to finally discover your ideal tech career path.

Discover Your Ideal Tech Career With Our Free Quiz

This free tech career test will help you quickly discover the tech roles that best align with your skills and passions.

How to Get Into Tech & Choose the Right Career?

Breaking into tech is highly achievable as demand for tech talent outstrips supply. But What tech job is right for me?” candidates ask.


Explore Your Interests

Contrary to popular belief, there is a career for everybody in tech.

Finding your niche begins by exploring your unique interests. This approach will help you identify the tech role that will bring you the most fulfillment.

Whether building something creative or solving intricate puzzles, our tech quiz will help you learn what excites you.

Leverage Your Skills

Your skills shape the kind of tech career you’ll find rewarding. Transferable skills like leadership, teamwork, and communication are valuable in all IT roles.

However, technical skills will require focused training and are specific to specific roles in tech teams.

If there’s a gap in your expertise, consider enhancing your skills with intensive boot camps or online courses.

Learn Continuously

A commitment to continuous learning will play a crucial role in helping you keep up with the pace of technological change.

Being available for voluntary projects, secondments, mentorship, and online courses will show a willingness to learn. Outside of the workplace, you can sign up for newsletters, follow thought leaders, listen to industry podcasts, or attend tech conferences and networking events to help you keep pace with industry trends.

Consider Your Options

Conducting research is critical to identifying a career path that resonates with you.

Delve into job descriptions, salary information, flexible work arrangements, and future growth prospects online.

Interacting with professionals in the industry, whether through company platforms or networking events, can provide insights to help assess if a role aligns with your aspirations.

Is Technology a Good Career Path For The Future?

Expanding Career Opportunities

Technology has become a part of our routines, shaping how we work, communicate, and exist. Its evolution has opened avenues in software development, data science, AI technology, cybersecurity, and more.

The rapid progress ensures a demand for skilled individuals who can adapt to emerging trends. This dynamic environment creates opportunities for career growth and leadership roles.

High Salaries & Competitive Benefits

Tech careers typically offer high salaries, given the significant need for specialized talent.

Beyond pay, the industry frequently provides comprehensive benefits like retirement plans, generous vacation policies, and flexible work arrangements.

Many tech companies prioritize employee well-being, offering amenities like wellness programs and encouraging a collaborative culture.

Navigating Industry Challenges

While tech offers immense potential, it can also be very challenging. Long hours and the risk of burnout can be issues, as can concerns about layoffs due to automation. However, most tech layoffs during the recent downturn represented a small proportion of the company workforce.

It’s important to remember that tech has a long history of creating more job roles than it replaces. Although many traditional roles are predicted to disappear, the World Economic Forum estimates that global technological developments will create nearly 100 million new roles by 2025.

Building the Future of Work

Trends like AI, flexible work, and continuous upskilling are building a new future of work.

By embracing this blend of technical insights, creativity, and adaptability, professionals can make themselves valuable by aligning their goals with the workforce’s emerging needs.

Whether driven by a passion for innovation, high earning potential, or solving global challenges, the tech industry offers many dynamic career paths to help you secure your future.

The Bottom Line: Which Tech Career is Right for Me?

How did our free career test help you identify your unique strengths and the clarity necessary to build a path toward your dream tech job? Remember, you can change direction and reskill in an area that excites you as you progress through your career.

In your tech adventure, you will encounter many different pathways that will allow you to take your career anywhere from becoming a data scientist to a UX designer. Wherever your journey takes you, rest assured that a tech career is a rewarding field where the industry will evolve with your aspirations.


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