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What is intelligent cloud and what factors are driving its growth?

By Enzo Greco | Last updated: October 22, 2018

There are numerous definitions of intelligent cloud; a fundamental approach is to view an intelligent cloud as the complete computing fabric, from enterprise data centers to cloud facilities to everything-as-a-service, which allows these assets to both intelligently interoperate and to work independently, as needed and appropriate.

There are several factors driving the intelligent cloud:

  • Multiple data centers which seamlessly work together as a larger facility
  • Co-location facilities, which should be viewed, at their simplest, as a physical extension of enterprise facilities
  • Cloud computing, which provides a virtual platform for workloads
  • Growth of edge facilities, which must be incorporated into the larger fabric
  • Growth of mobile devices, which have their own (significant) computing power, but also unique requirements regarding connectivity and application/data availability

The role of the intelligent cloud is to incorporate the end-to-end computing elements, from data centers to devices, and the trends above, into an intelligent computing fabric optimizing infrastructure, availability, latency and security. Workload placement is an integral function of the intelligent cloud, which becomes evermore complex yet useful, and required, as the computing fabric becomes ever richer.

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Written by Enzo Greco | Chief Strategy Officer at Nlyte Software

Profile Picture of Enzo Greco

Enzo Greco is Chief Strategy Officer for Nlyte Software the leading data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution provider helping organizations automate and optimize the management of their computing infrastructure. Greco sets Nlyte’s strategy and direction based on market trends and dynamics, partnerships and adjacent markets. He has deep knowledge of software and the Data Center market; his current focus is on Colocation Providers, Hybrid Cloud implementations and applying Analytics overall to Critical Infrastructure, Data Center and Application Performance Management markets.

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