Tech 101

Tech 101 is our series aimed at giving you the basics on emerging technologies. The goal is to give you a basic understanding, some background, and why it's important. 

Latest Tech 101 Articles

  • Image for Perl 101

    Perl 101

    If you've heard about Perl these days, you may think that it's a relic of the '90s, like acid-wash jeans or portable CD players. Nothing could be further...

    By: David Delony | Contributor

  • Image for Project Management 101
    IT Business

    Project Management 101

    Managing projects isn't just for project managers anymore; project management skills are a must-have for all sorts of business people, from entrepreneurs to corporate...

    By: Melissa Rudy

  • Image for Unicode 101

    Unicode 101

    If you haven't noticed, there's a whole world outside of the United States. Unfortunately, representing text in different languages can be challenging for programmers...

    By: David Delony | Contributor


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