Tech 101

Tech 101 is our series aimed at giving you the basics on emerging technologies. The goal is to give you a basic understanding, some background, and why it's important. 

Latest Tech 101 Articles

  • Image for Project Management 101
    IT Business

    Project Management 101

    Managing projects isn't just for project managers anymore; project management skills are a must-have for all sorts of business people, from entrepreneurs to corporate...

    By: Melissa Rudy

  • Image for Unicode 101

    Unicode 101

    If you haven't noticed, there's a whole world outside of the United States. Unfortunately, representing text in different languages can be challenging for programmers....

    By: David Delony | Contributor

  • Image for Scripting Languages 101

    Scripting Languages 101

    Scripting languages are programming languages that are designed to automate certain tasks. Like an actor, the scripting language will do whatever you tell it to. You can...

    By: David Delony | Contributor


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