Web Roundup: Oops! Apple Does It Again


Apple's latest releases have mobile manufacturers and programmers working feverishly to keep up with the competition

Apple made waves this week with the release of its highly anticipated new products. From the iPhone 6 to the Apple Watch, consumers are drooling over these new commodities. But Samsung and Microsoft aren’t letting the buzz stand in their way. They too had some exciting reveals and hints at upcoming product developments. It’s all included in this week’s Web roundup.

Oops, the iPhone Did It Again

The iPhone 6 drove consumers crazy again as many eager Apple fans clamored to get their hands on the new device. As was the case in the past, consumers on the West Coast of the United States could stay up extra late to place an order. East Coast consumers had their alarms set for 3 a.m. to try their hand at buying a new phone. This time, however, Apple disappointed customers when their website crashed for almost two and a half hours.

The Demand for the iPhone 6 Is Fierce

With the crashed website, it makes you wonder – what is all the excitement about? The big reveal happened only a few days ago. In it, consumers and tech advocates alike discovered that many rumors about the new phone were true. The phone is larger than the previous models, but not by much. It is also promising faster Internet speeds, better camera quality, and improved battery life. But perhaps the most exciting feature of all is the payment service.

Will Phones Replace Credit Cards?

Some analysts think so. In fact, industry experts seem to believe that the cardless payment feature on the new Apple iPhone 6 will boost sales. According to a report by Reuters, at least six brokerages increased Apple’s target stock price by $16 in anticipation for the influx of buyers.

But Wait, There’s More!

The iPhone 6 was only one hot topic during Apple’s September 9th reveal. The Apple Watch was also revealed. Wearable technology has been a hot topic for some time now. Although it may appear that Apple is somewhat late to the game, given their innovative reputation in the market, it seems that the wait may be a smart move. The Apple Watch is essentially a smartphone for your wrist. It’s fully customizable (and even includes the popular emojis) and can do basic functions such as send emails, get directions and more. It has yet to be seen how well it handles phone calls and/or viewing attachments. So far consumers seem infatuated enough by the idea of the watch and this gadget’s sleek design. (Not everyone likes these fancy gadgets. Check out their downsides in 7 Reasons Why Smartwatches Are a Dumb Idea.)

Sprint Wants a Piece of the Action

Sprint’s CEO Marcelo Claure responded with gusto to the iPhone 6 debut. Claure hopes to see his own piece of Apple’s success by offering the iPhone 6 at a lower price to customers. According to Claure, Sprint can offer unlimited data because of their Spark feature. In response to the new phone, Sprint has said they will offer plans for unlimited data, voice and text for only $50 for the new iPhone 6.


Microsoft Won’t Be Outplayed

With so much light shining brightly on Apple’s home in Cupertino, California, Microsoft is aiming to reclaim some of its fame. This week, an unofficial leak of Windows 9 images hit the market. While this could just be a publicity move, many tech-savvy people are eager to get a glimpse of what’s to come. Based on this leak, one thing’s for sure: Microsoft is hoping to win back some of its users lost to Google by making Windows 9 more appealing. Search is integrated next to the famous Start button so you never have to open a Web browser to access your favorite search engine. The big reveal of all of the new features is expected to come later this month. Stay tuned!


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