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Web Roundup: Is Technology Costing You More Than You Realize?

By Kimberly Crossland
Published: October 28, 2014 | Last updated: October 28, 2014 11:06:33
Key Takeaways

As technology innovations surge ahead, some apps are falling short on the security side of things.

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When it comes to your mobile security, how safe are you? That question seems to be a little harder to answer all the time. This week's top tech stories included news about privacy breaches and duplicate charges that make mobile security seem more tenuous than ever. But is it, really? Check out this week's Web roundup and decide for yourself.

Whisper’s Privacy Policy (or Lack Thereof) Is Under Scrutiny

How secure is user information on the media app Whisper? That’s the question West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller was posing to the social media company last week. The biggest area of concern right now is the app's privacy policy. Rockefeller is concerned that there is not enough transparency about where and how people’s data is being used. The speculation comes after one newspaper reported that it can use Whisper’s app to track user locations, calling the private, anonymous nature that communication on this app is supposed to entail into question. Whisper, located in Venice, California, denies the claims, but now Rockefeller is pushing the matter to get more details.

Bank of America Account Holders Using Apple Pay Might Have Been Charged Twice

Do you use Apple Pay with your Bank of America account? You might want to go check your statement. Approximately 1,000 Bank of America debit transactions were duplicated using the new mobile payment system. Although the bank moved quickly to resolve the situation, very few details about how the error occurred have been made public. Chances are, it’ll stay that way.

Google To Develop Apps for iOS?

Android Wear’s product manager, Jeff Chang, hinted at something quite surprising recently - it appears that Google might be dipping its toe into the iOS market by making its apps iOS compatible. During a recent interview with the Huffington Post UK, Chang talked about how attractive the large iOS user base is to the company. As the Android Wear OS continues to grow, it appears that Google’s team has its eye on a surprising new market: Apple users.

Amazon Launches Cloud-Based Identity Management

Amazon Web Services (AWS) just announced a cloud-based identity management solution. This solution allows credentialed access to applications in the cloud. Gone are the days of burdensome, complex synchronization. With this new launch, connecting existing Microsoft Active Directory or cloud-based directories is easier and more streamlined. For those who don't have an Active Directory, AWS is also offering a "Simple AD" option, which will compete with Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory.

Wearable Tech to Become Less Visible

Nike and Apple have seen the grimaces and heard the groans from people interested in wearable technology and fashion. Now, rumor has it that these companies are collaborating to develop a less obvious form of wearable technology. Mark Parker, Nike’s chief executive, told Bloomberg TV that the next wave of wearable tech is crucial. He specifically cited moving away from the "geeky" look and into something more "stealth." We'd venture to guess that while this might bring in new wearable fans, it might also turn off old-school enthusiasts who count the geek factor part of wearable's appeal.


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Written by Kimberly Crossland

Profile Picture of Kimberly Crossland
Kimberly Crossland is a digital marketing specialist who has worked in the United States and abroad with technology companies. After graduating from the University of Arizona, she followed her passion for the fast-paced ever changing world of technology and now writes about up and coming trends and important information anyone in business must know about technology to succeed.

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