Stay on top of the latest news and views on cybersecurity by following these top influencers on Twitter.

If there’s one area of the tech industry that’s undoubtly growing – and growing fast – it’s security. According to a recent report by Big Market Research, the Internet security market is set to grow at a rate of 8.1% per year between 2014 and 2020. As Internet-based technology spreads into nearly all areas of government, retail, IT and telecommunications, the threat of malware, spam and viruses has become an increasingly pressing concern. Fortunately, it’s also an area where new security technology and insights continue to emerge.

Want to stay on top of new developments in this area? We’ve compiled a list of the most influential voices who are talking about it on Twitter.

Why this list? Well, it’s based on Twitter data culled according to content, follower/following ratios, frequency of tweets, blog popularity, the opinions of other IT security experts and influencers, and our own subjective judgment.

One note: Some influential voices are not included, either because they don’t have active Twitter accounts, or because they only tweet about IT security sporadically. Here, our goal is to provide the best possible stream of security news and insight.

Did we miss somebody? Let us know.

Amarjit Singh
Security professional and blogger. Blogs at


Anton Chuvakin
Research Vice President for Gartner’s Technical Professionals Security and Risk Management Strategies team. Security expert, author, teacher and presenter. Blogs at

Ben Rothke
Senior eGRC Consultant at Nettitude Group.

Brian Honan
InfoSec consultant, blogger, author, founder and head of Ireland’s CSIRT and Special Advisor on Internet Security to Europol. Blogs at

Brian Krebs
Author and independent investigative journalist specializing in cybercrime. Blogs at

Bruce Schneier
Security technologist and author. Blogs at

Charlie Miller
Security researcher, platform services engineer at Twitter and author.

Chet Wisniewski
Senior Security Advisor at Sophos Canada.

Dave Kennedy
CEO of TrustedSec, CTO of Binary Defense Systems. Blogs at

Dave Whitelegg
Information security expert, blogger, writer, presenter and security professional. Blogs at

Dejan Kosutic
Information security and business continuity management expert.

Digital Forensics
Official Twitter feed for Digital Forensics Inc, a high technology forensic investigations and information security firm.

Eric Cole
Senior fellow at SANS. Cyber security professional, instructor, keynote speaker, expert witness and security consultant. Blogs at

Eugene Kaspersky
Chairman and CEO of Kapersky Lab. Blogs at

Graham Cluley
Computer security expert, blogger and public speaker. Blogs at

InfoSec Taylor Swift
A humorous Twitter feed full of jokes about consumer technology and Internet security.

Jennifer Minella
Network security engineer and consultant with Carolina Advanced Digital.

Jeremiah Grossman
Founder and iCEO of WhiteHat Security.

Jose Pagliery
Author and cybersecurity reporter for CNN Money.

Joshua Corman
Co-founder of Rugged Software, CTO, security strategist. Blogs at

Lenny Zeltser
Product Management Director at NCR Corp, board of directors member at SANS. Blogs at

Mikko Hypponen
CRO at F-Secure. TED speaker.

Nicole Perlroth
Cybersecurity reporter for the New York Times.

Paul Asadoorian
Founder and CEO of Security Weekly.

Per Thorsheim
Founder of PasswordsCon. Speaker, advisor and researcher.

Rick Holland
Principal analyst at Forrester Research. Blogs at

Sean Mason
Vice President of Customer Success at Resolution1 Security. Blogs at

Official Twitter feed for, which provides Internet and enterprise security news, insight and expert analysis.

Troy Hunt
Microsoft MVP for Developer Security and author of several Pluralsight courses on Web Security. Blogs at

Vinny Troia
IT security expert and CEO of Night Lion Security.


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