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Deep Neural Network

What Does Deep Neural Network Mean?

A deep neural network is a neural network with a certain level of complexity, a neural network with more than two layers. Deep neural networks use sophisticated mathematical modeling to process data in complex ways.


Techopedia Explains Deep Neural Network

A neural network, in general, is a technology built to simulate the activity of the human brain – specifically, pattern recognition and the passage of input through various layers of simulated neural connections.

Many experts define deep neural networks as networks that have an input layer, an output layer and at least one hidden layer in between. Each layer performs specific types of sorting and ordering in a process that some refer to as “feature hierarchy.” One of the key uses of these sophisticated neural networks is dealing with unlabeled or unstructured data. The phrase “deep learning” is also used to describe these deep neural networks, as deep learning represents a specific form of machine learning where technologies using aspects of artificial intelligence seek to classify and order information in ways that go beyond simple input/output protocols.


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