Interactive Kiosk

What Does Interactive Kiosk Mean?

An interactive kiosk is a computer station set up in a public space for public use. It is a rather broad term that is used in different industries in different situations, and the system itself uses different kinds of technology.


Techopedia Explains Interactive Kiosk

First developed in the 1970s, the digital public interactive kiosk was made possible by the rapid advances in computing technology. The personal computer allowed to perform complex computing from a small desktop space.

As public interactive kiosk systems evolved, they moved from the original keyboard and mouse interface design to the modern touchscreen interface. Many kiosks now use a touchscreen to obtain input from users.

Interactive kiosks are valuable in many different industries, such as the travel and health-care industries, as they allow an easy way to obtain personal information from users. In some settings, they are used to print tickets or to access other resources for the users. Some kiosks can also vend physical products. The functionality of the interactive kiosk is limited to the hardware that can be put inside it and to the engineering applied to a specific solution.


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