Apple Drops 10th Gen iPad Price to $349, Discontinues 9th Gen

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Key Takeaways

  • Apple reduces the price of the 10th-gen iPad to $349, a $100 decrease, and discontinues the 9th-gen model.
  • Newly introduced iPad Air and iPad Pro models feature sizes from 11'' to 13'' and are starting from $599 up to $1,299.
  • The "Let Loose" event marks the debut of Apple's thinnest device, the iPad Pro with an M4 chip, and a new 13'' iPad Air with the M2 chip.

The 10th-gen iPad starter price is now $100 cheaper, as Apple has dropped it to $349 during the Let Loose event. 

On May 7, Apple unveiled a new size of iPad Air (13”) with M2 and its thinnest device to date, the iPad Pro, with an M4 chip.

An entry-level 10-th gen iPad is now worth $349.

Meanwhile, the pricing for brand new iPad Air 11” and 13” is from $599 and $799, respectively. The thinnest iPad Pro, 11” and 13”, will start from $999 and $1299.

In the meantime, Apple has discontinued the iPad 9 with the Home button. The new pricing aligns 10th gen with 9th. Before being discontinued, the iPad 9’s price started at $329.