Mango Animate Shows Free AI Video Generator for Marketing Needs

Key Takeaways

  • Mango AI by Mango Animate is making waves with its new AI video generation tool.
  • Mango AI promises to revolutionize video creation with its automatic generation capabilities.
  • Mango AI's advanced features empower users to produce dynamic audio-visual content.

Mango AI offers advanced features like face integration and personalized avatars, enhancing the user experience and enabling dynamic storytelling.

Mango AI, a free AI video generator from Mango Animate, is a young animation video and gif maker company.

Launched on March 25, Mango AI is designed to enable users to create quality videos from text and images.

According to Mango Animate, the tool uses advanced AI algorithms to generate videos based on user-provided inputs automatically. Users can then personalize various aspects of the video, including the intro background and AI voices.

Mango AI also allows users to integrate faces into videos and scenes. It offers a diverse range of AI avatars for different professions, ethnicities, and ages. Users can make these avatars look real by replacing the premade avatar’s face with their photos.

The company also claims that users can use the tool to animate still portrait photos by uploading their portraits, choosing the face pose of their choice, and entering the preexisting text. Mango AI transforms these elements into dynamic videos featuring a talking presenter.

“With the free AI video generator’s face swap feature, users can immerse themselves in the experience of embodying different professions. It’s like stepping into another person’s shoes and seeing what life is like in their world,” says, Winston Zhang, CEO of Mango Animate.

This announcement follows the launch of Animation Maker, an animation video-making tool released by the company in 2023.

With dynamic audio-visual content getting increasingly preferred over static text, the company may be on the path to becoming a major player in the AI animation generation landscape alongside Adobe Animate and Synthesia.