Windows 8

The biggest release from Microsoft in years is more than just a minor upgrade. This section includes all our articles and new terminology related to Windows 8. 

Microsoft's release of Windows 8 was lukewarm at best. Find out what it means for the company - and the computer industry.

Tiles and Error? Lukewarm Reception for Windows 8

Windows 8 is a more than a desktop; it's a strategic shift for a business.

The One Thing CIOs Should Understand About Windows 8

There's a lot of back and forth about whether Windows 8 is right for businesses. Here's what it has to offer.

Why Businesses Will Love Windows 8

Find out what business owners are saying about Windows 8 and whether they plan to upgrade.

Windows 8 for Small Business: Upgrade or Wait?

Many Windows users need an upgrade, but not to Windows 8 - at least not yet.

Forget Windows 8: Why Your Upgrade Should Be to Windows 7

Is Microsoft ready to deliver in the brave new world of cloud computing? If the answer's yes, users stand to reap huge benefits.

The Windows 8 Cloud: How the New OS Embraces Cloud Technology

The introduction of an operating system specifically designed for the ARM chips that power mobile devices is a good step toward the future...

Windows RT 101

With just four versions to choose from, and perhaps the most clearly defined capacities of any Windows OS before it, most people should...

The Four Faces of Windows 8: Edition Roundup

Despite a few solid criticisms, techies are still waiting to embrace Windows 8 and its array of new features.

Windows 8: The Key Advancements

Previous Windows updates looked and felt the same. Windows 8 is completely different. Here's what you need to know if you're going to make...

5 Things to Know When Upgrading to Windows 8

Windows 8 names are confusing at the best of times, especially when Windows RT means nothing in particular.

What Does the RT In Windows RT Stand For?

With Windows 8, Microsoft takes on Apple. Find out how this OS works - and where it falls short.

Windows 8 Is Coming: What You Should Know About Its UI

The new Windows OS will be a radical departure from existing technologies. Find out what this means for Windows users.