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Programming Languages

The demand for professionals skilled in computer science is constantly growing, and this course bundle can help you become one of those...

Techopedia Deals: The Complete Computer Science Bundle

Python is a programming language with numerous diverse uses, and learning it can open up a world of opportunities. Take advantage of this...

Techopedia Deals: Python Programming Bootcamp

R and Python are both commonly used in data science, but is one superior to the other? Here we examine the two and their traits.

The Debate Between R and Python

Computer programming can be traced all the way back to 1843 - before computers even existed! Throughout the ages, computer programming has...

From Ada Lovelace to Deep Learning

Microsoft is releasing its newest version of Visual Basic with the Visual Studio 2015 package. Visual Basic 14 includes new features to...

New Visual Basic: New Name, New Features

Shells are powerful and highly versatile tools for Unix and Linux. There are numerous shells with different abilities out there, and they...

Unix/Linux Shells 101

There’s a predisposition for self-blame that women have, that can make it tough to claim power over a thing as fickle and finicky as...

Why, As a Woman, I Almost Wrote Off a Tech Career

This movement has its critics, but it's looking to empower a new generation of computer users. Hear more from both sides of the debate.

Computer Programming for the People?

Programming languages are what make writing programs for specific computations possible. But have you ever stopped to think about how these...

INFOGRAPHIC: The History of Programming Languages

If you think Perl is a relic from the 90s, think again. This language is still going strong. Learn the basics here.

Perl 101

It's easy to confuse bits, bytes and their multiples. Here is a simple explanation about what these measurements mean.

Understanding Bits, Bytes and Their Multiples

This scripting language is simple, inexpensive and highly effective, which explains why it's so popular. Find out more about it here.

PHP 101

If you want your applications to be truly global, they have to be able to handle languages other than U.S. English. Unicode provides a...

Unicode 101

Whether you're tired of mousing around on your computer doing the same thing over and over, or want to build applications for the web,...

Scripting Languages 101

Despite a few flaws, no other language matches up to Java in terms of flexibility and seamless integration with other frameworks and...

Why Is Java Preferred to Other Languages as a Building Block?

As computing power has increased, programming languages have evolved to take advantage of enhanced computing resources.

Computer Programming: From Machine Language to Artificial Intelligence

Learn about some of the people who helped pioneer the field of computer programming.

The Pioneers of Computer Programming

Online file sharing has revolutionized the way we share files with one another and collaborate on projects. Here we take a look at some of...

The Programming Languages Behind Online File Sharing

Without programming languages, the internet wouldn't exist. These languages - some dating back to the 1950s - are the foundation for the...