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Web Roundup: New Innovations and Releases in the Tech World

By Kimberly Crossland
Published: November 25, 2014 | Last updated: November 25, 2014 11:26:03
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New releases and innovation are what keep the tech world fresh and exciting. It's also what keeps companies in business. And those who fail to keep the pace often end up flying off the back of the innovation treadmill. This week's tech news is full of stories about who's leading - and who's falling behind. Check it out!

Google Blocks Ads

Sick and tired of seeing ads in your search results? More important, are you frustrated with knowing how much information Google is taking from you and storing? Google might have a solution for that soon - but it’ll cost you.

Google has announced the launch of a program called Contributor. This program will show participating websites sans advertisements. In return, Google pays the websites for the missed revenue stream out of the money it makes in subscription fees. There’s already a waiting list to participate, but Google is saying that the subscription could cost as little as $1 per month. Sounds like a win-win for businesses and ad-sensitive consumers.

Amazon Continues to Build Ad-Supported Services

By now, you probably know about Amazon’s video streaming service offered through the Prime subscription. Back in March, The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon was planning on offering this same video streaming service outside of the Prime subscription. The only catch is that there will be ads. Amazon denied it at the time but the rumors have resurfaced and this time the story is looking to be more legit. Now, the New York Post is reporting that Amazon will be offering the ad-powered Prime service. So far, Amazon has made no comment.

Comcast Comes Up With a New App

What’s more frustrating than sitting at home waiting for a technician to arrive? Not much. One tech giant who understands that is Comcast. That’s why it developed a new app that’ll let homeowners track who’s coming and when they’ll arrive. To ease customer worries even more, the app promises to have a picture of the technician, so that homeowners know exactly who will show up at their doorstep. A simple innovation that's likely to be a hit with customers.

Microsoft Goes Mobile

Microsoft has released several enhanced mobile features recently. Now, Android users have access to Dropbox Support and OneDrive sharing. Getting files from friends or colleagues continues to get easier and easier with this improved technology, which Microsoft hopes will boost its profits.


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Written by Kimberly Crossland

Profile Picture of Kimberly Crossland
Kimberly Crossland is a digital marketing specialist who has worked in the United States and abroad with technology companies. After graduating from the University of Arizona, she followed her passion for the fast-paced ever changing world of technology and now writes about up and coming trends and important information anyone in business must know about technology to succeed.


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