Mobile Advertising Platform

What Does Mobile Advertising Platform Mean?

A mobile advertising platform is a third-party network that allows advertisers to publish text, graphic or animated advertisements on mobile websites and applications.


A mobile advertising platform provides a mechanism that facilitates the monetization of sites and applications through targeted advertising channels designed to gain revenue from the traffic of mobile users.

Techopedia Explains Mobile Advertising Platform

A mobile advertising platform is an intermediary between mobile publishers and advertisers and works like a typical Internet advertising platform, where advertisers promote and advertise products through related mobile sites and applications.

A mobile advertiser pays a set publishing fee for each site generated action that benefits the advertiser. A mobile advertising platform tracks all actions and activities and manages advertiser-publisher billing. Actions may be in the form of display ad clicks, views, leads or sales generated by the publisher’s site. These actions serve as the mobile advertising platform’s core business model, which include billing models like cost-per-click (CPC), cost per impression (CPI or CPM) and cost-per-sale or action (CPS or CPA).


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