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MDM Services: How Your Small Business Can Thrive Without an IT Team

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Using a mobile device management (MDM) service is key to easing your business’ shift toward remote teams and provides you with that much-needed competitive edge.

If the evolution of workplaces wasn’t compelling enough to entice enterprises into adopting a fully remote workforce, the recent health threats that humanity faced made it a necessity more than a luxury. In the age of COVID-19 and global pandemics, knowing how to ease your business’ shift toward remote working can provide you with that much-needed competitive edge.

The days of a workday exclusively from the office are coming to an end as work is no longer confined by place and time. What’s making this possible is the evolving role of digital technology to improve business processes and enhance employee experiences. But what makes this successful is the evolving responsibility of IT.

In today’s climate, more organizations than ever before are examining their remote employee and work-from-home policies — be it for health, employee retention or employee productivity reasons.

Key elements of serving your employees and the organization as a whole include determining ways to successfully onboard remote and on-site staff and fully support permanent and temporarily remote employees.

It is paramount that organizations offer the right technology and leverage the right tools to facilitate a streamlined onboarding process for remote and on-site employees. But when it comes to choosing how to best support those goals, not all technology and tools are created equal.

Apple hardware is becoming much more common place in enterprise organizations around the world. The ease of use and growing employee demand are opening the eyes of many organizations to support and offer Mac, iPad and iPhone. And, this trend has tremendous benefits for employees, IT and the entire organization.


Ongoing management of devices is also important in providing ongoing support for remote employees. Despite how amazingly modern it may look, the transition to work from anywhere is not devoid of risks and issues. That’s why the use of mobile device management (MDM) solutions is catching on so quickly. MDM allows you to update devices in bulk as well as distribute apps to devices.

Let’s have a look at why MDMs, like Jamf Now, are so important to utilize enterprise-level device management services as a small-to-medium sized business (SMB) without requiring expert-level IT knowledge.

What does MDM stand for?

Mobile device management (MDM) is a solution used to manage, set up, and secure all mobile devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPads, etc.) used by your remote workforce.

MDM solutions are centralized platforms where all operations performed on these devices are managed and controlled, regardless of which operating system they run or which mobile service provider they use.

MDMs can be used for a broad range of different tasks, such as:

  • Configuring company email accounts.
  • Enforcing security policies such as passcode requirements.
  • Restricting user access to risky apps.

They have quickly become the latest tech trend for one simple reason: they help support an organized and efficient remote workforce.

Why a MDM is Essential to Your Small and Medium Business

Not every MDM solution is equal, and each one of them is suited for a different target. Jamf Now is an MDM solution that is focused on SMBs above all else. Instead of requiring a dedicated IT team to get up and running, Jamf Now is a platform to configure all Apple devices through a simple and straightforward setup process.

Jamf Now helps you provide zero-touch deployment to get users up and running in minutes with a fully configured device. Then, enjoy a quick and easy overview of all devices with efficient inventory management. It's easy to keep track of their details and settings with status reports.

All this simplicity does not come at the cost of security. From disk encryption, to two-step verification and remote lock, Jamf Now sports all the latest security settings to protect your Apple devices and company information.

Jamf Now is also perfect for startups and smaller organizations without a large budget. First, it is affordable, offering the first three devices managed for free, and others can be added starting at just $2/device/month.

Then, it can help you save a lot of money spent on buying apps. By enrolling in Apple’s Volume Purchasing (part of Apple Business Manager) you can buy apps and distribute them over the air, with no need for an Apple ID.

Apps can be reclaimed and reassigned at will, and with the Jamf Now Plus plan ($4/device/month) you get deploy those apps not included in the App Store such as Google Chrome and Adobe’s Creative Suite plus the ability to deploy configuration profiles and macOS packages.

Want to know more about Jamf Now and how it can help your SMB become completely nomadic and office-less today? Get started with a free account to find out!


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Data Analyst
Claudio Buttice
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