What Does iCloud Mean?

iCloud is a cloud computing solution by Apple Computer Inc. that provides cloud storage and apps for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


iCloud provides the ability to store documents, videos, photos, music and other data online and the ability to sync it between iOS-powered devices.

iCloud replaced Apple's MobileMe, a subscription-based collection of online software and services, in 2011.

Techopedia Explains iCloud

iCloud is a hybrid cloud solution that combines infrastructure and software services to provide a suite of apps and services, enabling users to add, remove and synchronize typical data files, contacts and bookmarks on selected Apple devices. This data is then stored and backed up on iCloud’s remote storage server.

iCloud automatically uploads a photo taken from a Photo Stream-enabled device to cloud storage, while media files purchased from iTunes are also made available to all shared devices through iCloud. iCloud also features Find my Phone, which enables users to track, access and edit the content on their iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Mac remotely.


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