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Web Roundup: Strange New Claims and Creations

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The tech industry is developing in some interesting ways – some good, some strange.

Whether you’re a fan of classic toys, a modern-day gamer or just an amateur user of technology, one thing is certain: this week is filled with new, yet slightly strange claims that will change the way you view your digital toys. In this week’s Web roundup, get the top stories about the latest interesting developments in the world of technology.

Google and Mattel Put a Modern Spin on a Classic

Remember how much fun it was to put the View-Master goggles to your face and click through the various images? Now, those images are being brought into the modern world with a new development from Google and Mattel. The View-Master is turning into a virtual reality program where users can click through to see scenes in a unique way. Depending on the "experience reel" you buy, you could transport yourself to fun locations worldwide. To use this new toy, all you need is a smartphone, View-Master device (that only costs $29.99) and an experience reel. Stay tuned. Everything is set to launch in the fall of 2015.

Apple’s Getting Into the Gaming Industry Too

It’s no secret that Apple is one of the leaders in the mobile industry. Now, they’re using their position to get further into the gaming world with a new showcase game category called, "Pay Once and Play." The concept is simple. You pay once and can play your game. There’s no in-game store where you can buy your way to the winning spot. You have to earn it. This has the potential to change game play on Apple and many other devices in the future.

Meanwhile, Google Tries to Catch Up in the Mobile Payment Field

Google is testing a new payment app. This is presumably in an attempt to catch up with Apple’s new Apple Pay. The app is called "Plaso" and according to a few reputable sources, it’s being tested globally at Papa Johns and Panera Bread. It’ll differ from the current Google Wallet system already in place. The biggest setback they foresee? A lack of NFC technology. Because of this, many speculate that Google Wallet will work closely with Plaso to speed transaction times and inch forward toward a better service.

Is the Digital World As We Know It Coming to an End?

That’s what one guru thinks. Vint Cerf, who has been hailed as the "father of the Internet" says he is worried that everyone will lose text and image files. He worries that without taking extra measures to secure our digital files we could lose everything, turning into a "dark century." This is the third time he’s made this claim. Is it about time we listen up?

Never Undercook Your Food Again

That’s the goal of one inventor. Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer created a new microwave complete with a heat map. Using this heat map, you’ll be able to know when your food is cooked and when you can stop your microwave. The map displays as an LED screen on the microwave while the food is being cooked. When everything is yellow or red, you know your dinner is ready.


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