10+ New Cryptocurrency Projects to Invest in – Newest Crypto of July, 2024

Why Trust Techopedia Crypto
Why Trust Techopedia Crypto

With so many cryptocurrencies appearing every day, it’s hard to find the legitimate ones. The hype around new crypto coins comes from their potential for high profits and the thrill of early investments.

We’ve researched the market to find the best new cryptocurrency projects of 2024. We’ll review each and every one of them and examine what makes these coins so popular. We’ll also look at how to find the newest cryptocurrencies and discuss whether these new investments are worth the money.

Best New Cryptocurrency Projects of July, 17th

New Crypto Current Price Why These New Coins?
Pepe Unchained $0.0084598 The Best New Layer2 Meme Token
The Meme Games $0.009 The Newest Crypto Poised to Become the Official Meme Coin Olympics
WienerAI $0.00073 The Best New AI Trading Bot with Lucrative Returns
PlayDoge $0.00519 The Best New Crypto Coin for 90’s Gaming Enthusiasts.
Shiba Shootout $0.0196 The Top New Cryptocurrency for Western-Themed Crypto Enthusiasts.
Base Dawgz $0.006405 The Newest Base Chain Token with Share-to-Earn Utility.
Mega Dice Token $0.09548 The Newest Crypto Casino Token with $50M in Monthly Wager.
99Bitcoins $0.00114 The Best New Crypto to Buy for Earning While Learning.
Doge2014 $0.000276 A New Crypto Coin GIving Homage to Dogecoin.
SpacePay $0.00162 New Crypto Project Set to Launch on 4.5 Million Devices by Year’s End.
Mollars $0.2102 A Completely Decentralized New Crypto Project.
HypeLoot  $0.12 The Best New Token to Earn Company Profit Shares.

💡 All information in the table above is updated daily to ensure the most accurate and current data is provided. The table was updated on 17th July 2024.

New Crypto Coins of 2024 – Detailed Analysis

Analyzing the best new cryptocurrencies requires a comprehensive approach that considers various factors. Below, we’ve created detailed reviews on the best new crypto coins, including their top traits, so that you can decide whether they’re the right fit and budget for you.

1. Pepe Unchained ($PEPU)

The Best New Layer2 Meme Token

Best New Cryptocurrency Pepe Unchained

  • Launch Date: June 2024
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Current Price:$0.0084598

Pepe Unchained ($PEPU) is a new meme token built on the Ethereum layer-two (L2) blockchain. The project features the iconic Pepe meme on a faster, sustainable, and more rewarding network. Once the presale concludes, the Pepe Unchained L2 blockchain will be released.

On Pepe Unchained, $PEPU token holders can access dynamic staking rewards. At press time, $PEPU can be staked to earn an APY of more than 510%. This new coin also offers faster speeds, as L2 transactions are processed much faster than L1 networks. Finally, Pepe Unchained rewards token holders with lower gas fees when trading the token. 

Why did we pick Pepe Unchained?
  • Revolutionary L2 Ethereum-based token offers faster transaction speeds.
  • Get dynamic staking rewards of 580%.
  • Offers lower gas fees compared to L1 blockchains.
  • Raised over $3.6 million a month after launch.

2. The Meme Games ($MGMES)

The Newest Crypto Poised to Become the Official Meme Coin Olympics

Best New cryptocurrency The Meme Games

  • Launch Date: July 2024
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Current Price: $0.009

The Meme Games is the newest cryptocurrency on the market. It just launched this month, and it claims to be the official Olympic 2024 meme coin. This new token is currently on presale, and any interested users can participate by competing in a 169m sprint with their favorite meme characters like Dogecoin, Pepe, Dogwifhat, Brett, and Turbo. Each purchase offers a chance to win a 25% token bonus, with a fair and randomized selection process to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity.

Running alongside the Olympics and Paralympics, the $MGMES presale will end on September 8th, and the token will launch on decentralized exchanges on September 10. Participants can increase their chances of winning by purchasing multiple times, and winners can stake their tokens for additional rewards. The combination of the Olympics with famous meme characters and the potential for rewards is what makes the Meme Games one of the best new cryptos to invest in right now.

Why did we pick The Meme Games?
  • The Meme Games offer an amazing presale bonus where you can win a 25% token bonus by competing in the 169m dash.
  • The competition is 100% fair and random to ensure that everyone has a chance to win and make a profit.
  • This new token combines iconic meme characters with the Olympic games to offer a fun and engaging experience like never before.

3. WienerAI ($WAI)

The Best New AI Trading Bot with Lucrative Returns

Best new cryptocurrency WienerAI

  • Launch Date: April 2024
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Current Price: $0.00073

Among endless new launches, one of the most exciting new cryptocurrencies to emerge this year is WienerAI.This innovative project has successfully captured the essence of meme coins while providing users with an AI-driven utility. This is more than evident as it has raised over $7.5 million with no signs of slowing down.

However, two aspects have made this new token a great asset for long-term holders. The first perk is staking, which rewards users with APY perks for holding the token. The second is the recently introduced AI trading bot. Described as instant and noob-friendly, WienerAI’s AI trading bot has its own predictive technology that can be used to find the next best crypto to invest in.

Why did we pick WienerAI?
  • A revolutionary no-fee AI trading partner giving predictive, real-time market analysis.
  • Token holders can earn passive income through staking.
  • A big emphasis is put on rewarding the community base.
  • ERC20 token, which offers security and ease of integration.

4. PlayDoge ($PLAY)

The Best New Crypto Coin for 90’s Gaming Enthusiasts.

best new cryptocurrency PlayDoge

  • Launch Date: May 2024
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Current Price: $0.00519

PlayDoge is a mobile P2E game that turns the Doge meme into a Tamagotchi-style virtual pet powered by $PLAY tokens. Players care for their 2D companion by feeding, training, and playing with it to earn tokens. Since Dogecoin’s rise in 2021, meme coins have become popular in crypto, and PlayDoge taps into this trend with a nostalgic yet modern concept. 

The app, which will soon be available in Google and Apple stores, combines high-definition graphics, touchscreen controls, and blockchain integration for a unique experience. For everyone interested in purchasing this new crypto coin, it’s currently on presale, so you can get it at a discounted price with staking rewards of over 70% on the BNB blockchain or staking rewards of 107% on the Ethereum chain

Why did we pick PlayDoge?
  • High staking rewards of over 100% on Ethereum.
  • A P2E mobile game with Tamagotchi-style Doge pet.
  • The app is available on both Android and iOS.
  • The best players will be rewarded with $PLAY tokens.
  • The presale has raised almost $5.7 million in less than two months.

5. Shiba Shootout ($SHIBASHOOT)

The Top New Cryptocurrency for Western-Themed Crypto Enthusiasts.

Best new cryptocurrency ShibaShootout

  • Launch Date: April 2024
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Current Price: $0.0196

If you’re into Western themes, then Shiba Shootout might be the best new cryptocurrency for you. Inspired by the Wild West, the project immerses users in a captivating adventure filled with creativity and strategic gameplay. Their P2E game called Shiba Duel has been created and approved by Google and Apple stores and will soon be live.

The new token also offers several different perks for investors. There is a referral bonus for referring friends and rewards for members who share interesting crypto stories. Lotteries allow holders to win big crypto prizes and big staking rewards. There is also something called “Saving Saddlebags,” which lets users allocate tokens to a dedicated wallet for extra rewards. For investors seeking to capitalize on this exciting opportunity, the ongoing presale offers discounted prices before the token gains traction.

Why did we pick Shiba Shootout?
  • Several different utility ideas where investors can earn rewards.
  • You can receive staking rewards by staking the token longer. The staking rewards are over 1400%.
  • Community-driven coin where token holders can weigh in on project decisions.

    6. Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ)

    The Newest Base Chain Token with Share-to-Earn Utility.

    Best New Cryptocurrency Base Dawgz

    • Launch Date: June 2024
    • Network: Multi-chain
    • Current Price: $0.006405

    Base Dawgz is one of the new crypto coins that came out in June. It is a Base Chain token that offers a multi-chain experience across Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche. This interoperability allows users to explore the decentralized world without limits. Before this new token launches on Base Chain, early supporters can purchase it on presale, which has raised over $2.5 million weeks after launch.

    This project will also launch its very own “Be Social for Airdrop” airdrop campaign on X. Everyone interested can participate by earning points with social media content. In return, they will be rewarded with $DAWGZ tokens.

    Why did we pick Base Dawgz?
    • A multi-chain new crypto allowing investors to explore the crypto world without limits
    • It raised over $2.5 million weeks after the presale launch, showing investor support
    • It is hosting an airdrop where people will be able to earn $DAWGZ tokens
    • It has recently launched its staking feature, which allows holders to start earning right away.


    7. Mega Dice Token ($DICE)

    The Newest Crypto Casino Token with $50M in Monthly Wager.

    Best new cryptocurrency Mega Dice

    • Launch Date: April 2024
    • Network: Solana
    • Current Price: $0.09548

    Mega Dice is a popular crypto casino with over 50,000 active users and more than $50 million in monthly wager volume. The team behind the casino is now launching a new token to reward early supporters and active casino users. Holders who stake $DICE will get a profit share, as well as a unique NFT that comes with special privileges and rewards.

    Investors who refer their friends will also earn 10% of the invested amount without caps. If that’s not enough, there’s also a $2.2 million airdrop for users who wager at least $5,000 within 21 days. This new top cryptocurrency has raised over $1.6 million in a month, showing strong investor interest.

    Why did we pick Mega Dice?
    • Offers over $2.2 million airdrop for active casino users
    • $DICE holders who stake the token will earn a profit share from the casino
    • Uses high-speed and low-cost features on the Solana network for effortless gaming and gambling experience


    8. 99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC) 

    The Best New Crypto to Buy for Earning While Learning.

    99 logo

    • Launch Date: April 2024
    • Network: Ethereum
    • Current Price:$0.00114

    99Bitcoins token is a hot new crypto launch that aims to redefine crypto learning. To achieve that, the team is building a unique learn-to-earn concept where users will be rewarded $99BTC tokens for their efforts. Available in a token presale, the $99BTC token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and can be bought using ETH, BNB, or USDT. Later this year, the token will bridge to BRC-20, an experimental token standard on the Bitcoin blockchain.

    Early investors who buy $99BTC tokens during the presale get to earn a generous staking APY of almost 700%. The APY will drop as more tokens are staked, so early investment is advised. Another way to reward early investors will be via an airdrop of $99,999 worth of $99BTC tokens to 99 community members.

    Why did we pick 99BTC?
    • People can earn crypto while learning about it
    • Token holders get access to advanced training courses, webinars, and VIP community chats
    • It has already raised over $2.4 million, showing high interest in this new crypto

    9. Doge2014 ($DOGE2014)

    A New Crypto Coin Giving Homage to Dogecoin.

    Best new cryptocurrency Doge2024

    • Launch Date: June 2024
    • Network: Ethereum
    • Current Price: $0.000276

    Those who missed out on Dogecoin when it first launched in 2014 can now purchase Doge2014 ($DOGE2014), a new cryptocurrency, at the same valuation as Dogecoin from 10 years ago. Created to celebrate 10 years of Dogecoin, Doge2014 allows investors to purchase its native token for $0.000276 through its presale. 

    This is also the starting price of Dogecoin when it was launched in 2014. Furthermore, Doge2014 offers passive income through its smart contract. At press time, investors can stake this new coin to generate an APY of over 11,600%. From a total supply of 100 billion tokens, 60 billion are being allocated for the presale. 

    Why did we pick Doge2014?
    • The presale has raised over $106K in just a couple of days
    • Offers huge staking rewards.
    • Priced at just $0.000276 during the opening presale round.
    • Pays homage to the most popular meme coin of all time Dogecoin.

    10. SpacePay ($SPY)

    New Crypto Project Set to Launch on 4.5 Million Devices by Year’s End.

    Best New Cryptocurrency SpacePay

    • Launch Date: June 2024
    • Network: Ethereum
    • Current Price: $0.00162

    SpacePay ($SPY) is a decentralized terminal-agnostic protocol that supports crypto payments within retail locations. It introduces a revolutionary POS (Point-of-Sale) payment system, allowing millions of crypto traders to pay with their digital assets. SpacePay is compatible with over 325 crypto wallets. Customers can access a QR code at retail locations and make crypto payments seamlessly. Merchants can receive the funds in their local currency. 

    SpacePay has also launched its native token, $SPY, on presale. This token will encourage user engagement and drive platform growth. $SPY has a total supply of 34 billion tokens, 20% of which is allocated to the presale. In just a few days of the presale launch, SpacePay has raised more than $270k.

    Why did we pick SpacePay?
    • Token holders get voting rights in the ecosystem.
    • Most active users get monthly $SPY token airdrops.
    • Quarterly access to webinars with the leadership team.
    • Token holders get early access to new features and services.

    11. Mollars ($MOLLARS)

    A Completely Decentralized New Crypto Project.

    Best new cryptocurrency Mollars

    • Launch Date: November 2023
    • Network: Ethereum
    • Current price: $0.2102

    New crypto coins in 2024, like Mollars, aim to offer investors fully decentralized ERC-20 tokens, which will adopt a store-of-value model. Mollars wants to achieve true decentralization by offering traders and enthusiasts trading opportunities in a decentralized manner. Unlike other decentralized exchanges, this one features inter-blockchain swaps with moderate and affordable fees. What’s more, thanks to the way its native token MOLLARS works, users get the chance to participate in the exchange governance.

    In other words, each member and interested investor is significant, contributing to collective decision-making via transparent voting systems and forums. This is not the case with other decentralized exchanges, at least not the widely used ones. The project has a total supply of 10 million tokens, 56% of which are allocated to its groundwork and 24% to the incentive program.

    Why did we pick Mollars?
    • An extremely successful presale which raised $1.5 million.
    • They use transparent voting systems so that each voice can be heard.
    • Post-launch, founders will step back, offering full decentralization.
    • This top new cryptocurrency is available on major exchanges such as Uniswap, Bitmart, LBank, and Blaxy.

    12. Hypeloot ($HTPL)

    The Best New Token to Earn Company Profit Shares.

    hypeloot logo

    • Launch Date: February 2024
    • Network: Ethereum
    • Current Price: $0.12

    Hypeloot is another new cryptocurrency that just launched its token presale. It has almost 200,000 users and more than 97 million bets. Token holders can get great presale benefits from Hypeloot. They will receive a share of profits from the casino platform and additionally gain access to exclusive NFTs called “Hypes,” which can be traded on Hypeloot.com and popular marketplaces like Opensea. 

    Hypeloot aims to expand its ecosystem with popular casino games and innovative modes, leveraging AI for an enhanced user experience. This growth trajectory positions Hypeloot as one of the fastest-growing crypto casinos, likely to promote its growth further. The only way to grab HPLT tokens is via presale, where 40 million tokens will be available. Currently, the price stands at $0.12 but aims to reach $0.2 on listings. 

    Why did we pick Hypeloot?
    • A well-established brand with over 180k users and 85 million bets
    • Offers high rewards APY of over 280%
    • All presale buyers can receive free credits with no commitments attached


    How We Analyze and Review Cryptocurrencies

    1000+ Crypto Assets Reviewed

    300+ Research Hours

    14 Key Variables Evaluated

    50+ Expert Opinions Examined

    To ensure our readers receive unbiased, thorough, and reliable information, we conduct extensive research and analysis of a wide range of cryptocurrencies. We assess each crypto asset based on 14 distinct criteria, some of which include:

    • Market Potential: We evaluate the likelihood of future growth and the overall potential within the crypto market.
    • Liquidity and Trading Volume: We analyze the ease of buying and selling cryptocurrencies and their trading activity.
    • Community and Support: We examine the level of community engagement and the quality of support available to users.
    • Price History and Market Sentiment: We review historical price data and current market sentiment.
    • Security Measures and Past Breaches: We check for strong security protocols and any history of security breaches

    By following this thorough approach, we provide comprehensive and reliable reviews tailored to the needs of crypto enthusiasts and investors alike.

    How to Find the Newest Crypto Coins to Invest in 2024?

    From leading Telegram crypto groups to the most popular Discord channels, finding out what new crypto to invest in is easier said than done. One of the most challenging aspects to consider when exploring this area is knowing how to locate these new and upcoming cryptocurrencies.

    Here are some of the ways to find new crypto projects:

    • X (formerly Twitter) is an Amazing Source for Upcoming Crypto Coins

    Many view this social media platform as the home of crypto, with tens of thousands of posts discussing price action and emerging crypto projects. Users can follow large influencer accounts to find new crypto gems, although they should tread carefully and do further research as some can be shills or scams.

    • Reddit is Where the Chatter is For New Cryptos

    One of the most effective ways to find new cryptocurrencies is via the social media platform Reddit with huge crypto-centric communities, including r/cryptocurrency. That particular subreddit has more than 6.5 million followers posting about various things in the crypto space, including new coins.

    • YouTube is a Great Media with Countless Crypto Content Creators

    Another popular way to find these coins is YouTube. For instance, the Jacob Crypto Bury YouTube channel is a great source of information on new project releases and presales, although there are hundreds of crypto influencers and analysts on the platform. Jacob reviews plenty of projects and has enjoyed great success in recent months in finding high-growth presale opportunities.

    • Check Exchanges for the Most Reliable Information

    Exchanges are one of the most reliable sources for finding new cryptocurrency projects to invest in. Coinbase lists new coins constantly, and you can just create an alert to inform you of any new coin. There are also new coin listings on Binance, which you can find on their announcements page.

    • CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko Are a Must For New Crypto Investors

    Data aggregation sites such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko list price information for thousands of tokens and offer info on new and most prominent trending coins in the space, as well as maintain their own ICO calendars.

    • Use DEXTools For Price Movements on New Crypto Projects

    DEXTools is similar to the above data aggregation sites but focuses more on brand-new and small-market cap tokens. Like data aggregation sites, it aggregates information from multiple decentralized exchanges, allowing users to track price movements, trading volumes, and liquidity of emerging tokens. DEXTools also provides charts, analytics, and community sentiment tools so that investors can have more information to make better decisions.

    • Get In On an Upcoming  Cryptocurrency Early with ICOs and Presale Calendars

    Numerous websites solely act as ICO and presale project calendars, offering information on upcoming projects. Sites such as ICOLink, ICOMarks, and CoinCodex are vital for any investor looking for up-and-coming crypto projects. However, investors should also tread carefully, as some websites allow projects to pay for placement at the top of their rankings.

    • Join Telegram and Discord Crypto Communities

    Sometimes, you can find the best new crypto projects via Telegram crypto groups and participate in crypto communities on the site. You can also do this on Discord, where new projects often conduct airdrop giveaways and where like-minded crypto traders come together to share market insights. 

    Needless to say, potential investors must conduct further research on upcoming crypto projects when hearing about or finding them, even if they appear legitimate at first glance.

    How to Buy New Crypto Before Listing?

    Buying new crypto coins before they list can be an exciting opportunity for investors. While platforms like X, Reddit, YouTube, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and DEXTools, to name a few, are excellent for discovering both new cryptos listed on exchanges and new cryptos before their listing, there are additional strategies to consider.

    • Participate in Crypto Launchpads

    Launchpads like Binance Launchpad and Polkastarter provide early access to some of the best new crypto to invest in before they list on exchanges. These platforms are projects, offering a safer way to invest in them.

    • Be On the Lookout for Crypto Airdrops

    Another way to find new crypto coins to buy before they list on exchanges is through airdrops. Airdrops involve projects distributing free tokens, often for promotional purposes. You can use crypto airdrop listing sites that provide further details to find these. While they typically offer small token amounts and involve projects with low market capitalization, they are still a worthwhile method to find new and upcoming cryptocurrency projects.

    Why Should You Invest in New and Upcoming Crypto Launches?

    New crypto projects have the potential to grow and bring substantial returns, but many people are still skeptical about investing in them. Here are some benefits of investing in emerging cryptos:

    Advantage of Early Birds

    This allows investors to join the party before new cryptocurrencies hit exchanges and gain mainstream attention. Although there’s no assurance of success, it’s still worth taking a shot, especially when it comes to legitimate projects.

    Explosion After Listing

    New cryptocurrencies often offer presales at prices significantly lower than their later values once listed at major exchanges. Many of the best presales on the market offer the coin at a fraction of the expected listing price so that investors can make a profit as soon as the token launches on exchanges.

    High Staking APY

    Most of the best new cryptocurrencies to buy in 2024 revolve around staking. This allows investors to deposit tokens at one of the best crypto staking platforms for passive rewards, often with early-stage investors earning significant APY.

    What are the Risks of Investing in New Crypto Projects?

    Although investing in new cryptocurrency releases has many advantages, it also comes with significant risks. Let’s examine some of them.

    New Cryptocurrencies are Often Highly Volatile

    Newly launched cryptocurrencies are often subject to extreme price volatility. Unlike established cryptos, these new projects have lower liquidity and can be heavily influenced by market sentiment, speculation, and hype. This, in turn, can lead to price swings, making it hard to predict the best times to buy or sell.

    No Proven Track Record

    Crypto launches don’t have a proven track record to demonstrate their performance or reliability. This absence of historical data makes it difficult to evaluate a project’s potential success, which, of course, increases the risk of investing in such cryptos.

    Lack of Regulatory Oversight

    Many new crypto coins operate in a largely unregulated environment, which increases the risk of fraud and scams. Without strict regulatory frameworks, investors are less protected, which can lead to them being misled or falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

    Expert Tip:

    Diversify your portfolio with the best-emerging cryptos

    Building on a portfolio of emerging cryptocurrencies requires an appetite for high-risk, high-return assets. With that said investors in this space will typically diversify across dozens of emerging projects to help mitigate the risk and maximize the potential in the next crypto bull run. They will usually gravitate towards cryptos that just launched and entered the market with a small valuation. 

    Diversifying your portfolio with emerging cryptos can provide significant growth opportunities and reduce risk. Investing in a variety of new and upcoming crypto projects increases the chances of high returns from successful projects while spreading risk across different assets, protecting you from potential losses in any single investment.


    In conclusion, investing in new cryptocurrency projects is both exciting and challenging. However, finding the right new tokens to invest in is key. Therefore, as you consider investing, weigh the pros and cons to ensure you’re making the right decision.

    If we had to pick one, we’d say Pepe Unchained ($ PEPU) is one of the best new crypto coins of 2024. This hot new meme coin offers a layer-2 network e and a generous staking APY.


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