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Punchdown Block

What Does Punchdown Block Mean?

A punchdown block is a mechanism used to cross-connect sets of wires through a metal peg system in telecommunications closets or local area networks (LAN). Solid copper wires are punched into short and open-ended slots that serve as insulation displacement connectors.


A punchdown block is also known as a punch down block, cross-connect block, terminating block, connecting block, punchblock or quick-connect block.

Techopedia Explains Punchdown Block

The punchdown block mechanism facilitates quick and efficient wiring for the following reasons:

  • Insulation stripping is not required.
  • There are no screws to loosen and tighten.

Punchdown blocks are designed for 22-26 Average Wire Gauge (AWG) solid copper wire.

The most common punchdown block is the 66 block (or M-Block, which has 50 rows, each with four columns of electrically bonded metal peg clips. The 66 model is often used to cross connect work area outlets and patch panels. 66 model types are a 25-pair standard non-split version and a 25-pair split version.


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