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Data Transfer

What Does Data Transfer Mean?

Data transfer is the process of using computing techniques and technologies to transmit or transfer electronic or analog data from one computer node to another. Data is transferred in the form of bits and bytes over a digital or analog medium, and the process enables digital or analog communications and its movement between devices.


Data transfer is also known as data transmission.

Techopedia Explains Data Transfer

Data transfer utilizes various communication medium formats to move data between one or more nodes. Transferred data may be of any type, size and nature. Analog data transfer typically sends data in the form of analog signals, while digital data transfer converts data into digital bit streams. For example, data transfer from a remote server to a local computer is a type of digital data transfer.

Moreover, data transfer also may be accomplished through the use of network-less environments/modes, such as copying data to an external device and then copying from that device to another.


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