Genius Bar

What Does Genius Bar Mean?

The Genius Bar is a part of the Apple company’s store design that delivers on-site tech support for customers. In addition to other innovations like roaming cashier service, the Genius Bar is what helps set apart Apple stores apart from other computer retailers.


More recently, enterprises have adopted the Genius Bar and have set up similar services in company headquarters to help educate employees about the technology they use.

Techopedia Explains Genius Bar

Apple staffs its Genius Bars with tech support professionals who have a lot of knowledge about Apple products. Genius Bar professionals will listen to customers and take information about Apple products such as iPhones, iPads or iPods to try to figure out the best solutions for repairs, warranty coverage and other issues.

One of the specific ways that the Genius Bar works is by appointment. Apple customers are encouraged to make appointments before visiting the store in order to get quick and personalized service. In some cases, this practice has become controversial for customers who would prefer to get walk-in repair service. Nevertheless, the Genius Bar service is generally part of Apple’s reputation for superior customer service and its dominant position in the consumer hardware market.


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