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What Does Password Mean?

A password is a basic security mechanism that consists of a secret pass phrase created using alphabetic, numeric, alphanumeric and symbolic characters, or a combination. A password is used to restrict access to a system, application or service to only those users who have memorized or stored and/or are authorized to use it.


A password may also be called an access code, PIN or secret code.

Techopedia Explains Password

A password is one of the most used access control procedures applied in virtually all digital and computing appliances. Generally, a password is used in combination with a user name and in most cases, an individual must provide both to gain access to a system, network or other password-protected area. In most applications and services, passwords are created by the user themselves and are typically separate for each different system or service used. In good security practices, a password should be between eight and 24 characters long, and include at least one capital letter, one number and one special character. Words are frequently used, but this is not recommended because they are more easily guessed or cracked.


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