Does Return of Roaring Kitty Mean Bull Run? GME Stock Tumbles -25% After Skyrocket While Meme Coins Hold Strong

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Roaring Kitty is back, GME stock is exploding, and Dog Coins are booming—got deja vu? If this feels like 2021, it just might be, as the return of the retail investor icon could herald a new bull run for meme coin markets.

This week, Roaring Kitty returned to X (Twitter), and the internet went crazy.

Market excitement at the return of Keith Gill has been palpable; in a nostalgic rally, GameStop (GME) rallied over 105% this week as retail investors scrambled to relive the Wall Street Bets legendary short squeeze.


Roaring Kitty Ignites Wave of GME and KITTY Meme Coins

While this morning has seen a price correction, with GME stock price falling -25%, the hype is yet to die down in the crypto community.

Without even skipping a beat, meme coin developers went into overdrive across various chains, including Solana, Base, and Ethereum.


GameStop short squeeze leader and meme coin icon Roaring Kitty returned to X. Driving GME stock and KITTY themed meme coins crazy.


One such token deployed on ERC-20 DEX markets was the GME token, which posted an incredible skyrocket that saw the meme coin hit ‘Hot #1’ on DEXTools.

In another instance on Solana meme coin markets, Roaring Kitty (KITTY) exploded a jaw-dropping 25,000% in the latest SOL pump.


However, both tokens appear to have retraced down to lower support in what could be a significant price correction over the days since.

All eyes are now on Roaring Kitty, and his cryptic stream of GIF posts, as a potential trigger for second rally movements.

Could DOGEVERSE Outperform Kitty-themed Coins After $15M Raise?

GameStop short squeeze leader and meme coin icon Roaring Kitty returned to X. Driving GME stock and KITTY themed meme coins crazy.

But while Roaring Kitty has cool cats on parade, it’s no secret that Dog Coins play host to the biggest staying power in the meme coin market.

And, with other Dog Coins like Floki Inu on the climb this week, retail investors are flocking to DOGEVERSE.

Having already garnered viral attention during its presale funding phase, investors worldwide have invested a collective $15M  in this highly anticipated meme coin – before it even hits the market.

Fuelling their excitement is the idea of the first multi-chain DOGE.

What does this mean?

Well, gone are the days of having to interact with DogeChain; now, users can invest in DOGEVERSE across Solana, Base, Ethereum, AVAX, BSC, and more in the first-ever omnichannel dogecoin play.

This crazy technology could position DOGEVERSE as the future of Dogcoins in the crypto market, with staying power ensured by cross-chain compatibility.

So don’t miss out on your last chance to invest ahead of major Tier-1 CEX listings.


Sam Cooling
Crypto & Blockchain Writer
Sam Cooling
Crypto & Blockchain Writer

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