Has the Pi Network Mainnet Launch Date Been Revealed?


The Pi Network is looking forward to the release of a two-part product roadmap expected to highlight the project’s history, achievements, and future plans. Suggestions around the exact mainnet launch date are out there in the wild.

After months of speculation, the Pi Network community is again waiting patiently after a suggested date for the release of the Mainnet passed – despite a recent update to the product roadmap.

Multiple reports have indicated that the Pi Network team will release a two-part roadmap, with the first version anticipated for a launch in October and the second version slated for December.

The milestone-based roadmap will mainly focus on the protocol’s products and programs—and highlight key achievements, current projects, and planned future undertakings.

Meanwhile, questions surrounding the release of the Pi Network Mainnet continue to linger since information regarding the exact date of its release was conspicuously missing in the roadmap update. Nonetheless, the soon-to-be-released product roadmap will touch on the essential achievements leading to the launch of the Open Mainnet.

Pi Network Roadmap Release – 1st version

This roadmap version will delve into the protocol’s past and current achievements for the products and projects within the ecosystem. In addition, the team hopes to capture the community’s attention with a transparent evaluation of how far the network has come and what should be expected shortly. This version release will cover the project’s history and help the community internalize the imminent milestones and possibilities.

Pi Network Roadmap Release – 2nd version

In the second version of the roadmap release, the Pi Network team will incorporate feedback from the community on the 1st version. The team is promising a more robust roadmap that will encompass future milestones on every product and program within the ecosystem.


A comprehensive view of the network’s undertakings ahead of the Open Mainnet release will also feature in the 2nd version. The Pi Core Team revealed that the second version of the roadmap will comprehensively expound on new features, product upgrades, terms and conditions, requirements, and other initiatives that must be accomplished before the Pi Network ushers in the Open Network phase.

When Does Pi Mainnet Launch?

The exact date of the mainnet release remains unknown despite the update on the product roadmap. An article appearing on Newspi, claiming to have updates from the Pi Network Core team, projects the mainnet release between March and June 2024.

Although the message in the article is, to an extent, cryptic, it highlights the importance of the mainnet, including the provision of “more services and functions, allowing more people to participate.”

The mainnet should ideally expand the capacity of the Pi Network such that it can handle more holders, cater to merchant and developer needs, and enhance the mainstream adoption of Pi.

Investors involved with the project have been waiting with bated breath for the launch of the mainnet, which promises them more Pi tokens. There are many ways in which network participants can grow their holdings, including mining, buying goods and services from merchants, and taking part in community-building initiatives.

The release of the mainnet should mark the beginning of a new era for protocol enthusiasts, but the longer the Core Team waits, the more anxious the community gets.

However, the long delay in Pi Network’s product launch suggests a competent team – unwilling to release a less-than-perfect product.

The future of the Pi Network lies in the hands of the Core Team, from which the community is anticipating achievable updates and timelines—and that starts with the release of the mainnet, or at least the announcement of the date of release.

How Big is Pi Network?

Pi Network’s popularity has grown tremendously in 2023, with followers on X (formerly Twitter) surpassing 2.6 million.

The project says it has over 25 million pioneers or people involved in mining the PI token.

A few exchanges have listed the Pi token with USDT and BUSD pairs, including HTX, BitMart, Biconomy Exchange, and SuperEX.

However, the Core Team maintains that the Pi Network has not been officially listed on exchanges and, therefore, “participating in unauthorized listings” could lead to losses.

The Bottom Line

Pi Network has gained an immense following since the beta version was launched in 2018, followed by a testnet in March 2020. Since the launch, the project has aimed to build a vibrant community with people embracing an alternative Bitcoin mining to earn coins, which would be sold once the network has been listed.

However, several years later, the Pi Network mainnet has yet to go live, while the Core team maintains that no official exchange listings have been announced. The upcoming two-part roadmap could shed some light on the expected launch date. However, the community can only wait and see.


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