What Does Drupal Mean?

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS). It is written in the PHP programming language and distributed under a GNU General Public License. Drupal can help individuals build various kinds of Web projects with its template resource that promotes user friendly results.


Techopedia Explains Drupal

Compared to other content management systems, Drupal is appealing to many project managers partly because of its versatility. Some find that it’s easier to create a more customized website with Drupal than with other free CMS systems like WordPress, which is a common tool for blogging, but has a particularly recognizable template. Some also reported that Drupal can handle changes better than some other CMS systems, and that it works better across multiple platforms.

Generally, content on the Drupal interface is managed through elements like blocks, menus, content types and taxonomy. Blocks help with visual layout, while taxonomy provides a system of reference for contents. Custom menus help developers to arrange items and implement plans for a website. Like other CMS systems, Drupal provides a lot of automation for what would otherwise be done manually through tools like HTML and CSS.


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