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INFOGRAPHIC: Google Ads And The War On Free Clicks

By Techopedia Staff
Published: July 31, 2012 | Last updated: February 9, 2021 08:35:56

Just when you think that advertising couldn't be more in-your-face than it already is, the world takes a turn a little more toward that of futuristic movies, where blank space ceases to exist and is replaced by a growing legion of ads. At least according to this infographic from Wordstream, which shows that clicks on paid search listings beat out organic clicks by a margin of nearly 2:1 in searches with "high commercial intent."


To be fair, organic searches still get more clicks overall, but those distracting little paid ads are gaining ground. What this means is that organic search may be becoming a tougher battleground, especially as Google continues to wage war on SEO spam. Does that mean the game has changed? Not necessarily - but the tactics are definitely getting a lot more complicated. Stay tuned! And check out the infographic below.

How Google Ads are Taking over the Search Engine Results Page.


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Written by Techopedia Staff

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