Web Roundup: Wearables, Mobile and a Dog’s Eye View of the World

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2014 has proved to be a year for mobile technology advancement. As we near the final quarter of the year, more and more advancements continue to be announced and speculated. This past week, we take a look at some of the most anticipated new technologies, as well as one area where technology could use a bit of a boost.

Major Announcements in the Wearables World

Wearable technology has taken the digital world by storm, and if this week is any indication, the trend isn’t stopping anytime soon. Apple is expected to reveal its iWatch at an event on September 9. Samsung also announced a new smartwatch called the Galaxy Gear S. This smartwatch will come with a unique curved screen. With both technology giants releasing their wearable technology solutions around the same time, it will be interesting to watch the battle for the top spot unfold.

Easy Access for Developers

The Internet of Things is another top technology trend of 2014. Now Broadcom has created a kit that provides easier access for developers wanting to tap into this growing craze. The kit is priced at an extremely affordable $20. The goal is to make it easier and faster for developers to create technology for devices. With a new Bluetooth Smart chip, five micro electro-mechanical systems, and a software stack compatible with Bluetooth 4.1, developers have a variety of resources to play with. The kit also includes a gyroscope to improve motion, gaming and GPS control.

iPhone 6 Expected to Have NFC Radio Inside

September 9 is the long-awaited debut of the iPhone 6. This new model has been met with much anticipation in the smartphone world. Now, the rumor mills are alight again with talk of the iPhone 6 having an NFC radio chip inside. The radio chip will offer a boost to Apple merchants who accept credit cards on their mobile devices. Android already offers its own payment system, as does Google. Now Apple is jumping on board with the new system.

GoPro Is Going to the Dogs

A dogs-eye view that is! GoPro has released a new dog harness called Fetch. Fetch captures what your four legged friend sees while out on your hikes, walks and adventures. It can mount on dogs that weigh anywhere between 15 and 120 pounds. Owners can put the camera on the dog’s back or chest, offering a unique view of the world.

Cars Technology Systems Are Falling Behind

With so many new technological advancements happening in the world of smartphones, some car manufacturers are feeling left in the dust. A study released by J.D. Power in August 2014 found that car technology voice recognition systems have a long way to go to catch up with Siri and Cortana. In fact, some say that voice-recognition software is the most troublesome technology found in cars today. It looks like auto owners will have to continue to rely on steering wheel control panels to perform basic tasks while driving until the technology improves.


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