Web Roundup: Development in the Mobile Industry Is On Fire

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As more innovation takes place, the mobile industry is in prime position for tremendous growth and forward movement.

The world of technology has always been fast paced. Now, as more developers power forward with new devices, the mobile world is gearing up for major shifts. This week’s Web roundup features news on the latest new mobile developments.

The World’s First Bendy Phone

That might not be the reputation that Apple wanted, but that’s what it got. As iPhone 6 users started to put their phones in their pockets (not a new phenomenon), many realized that the mobile device tended to emerge noticeably bent. Now, in a scandal known as "bendgate" Apple is before forced to replace more iPhone 6s than expected. Fortunately for the victims of bendgate, this fix is covered under the iPhone warranty – as long as the "genius" at the Apple store deems the damage serious enough to warrant replacement.

The Smartwatch Is Making Big Waves

According to analysts at Gartner, the worldwide smartwatch market is expected to take up 40% of the wristwatch market by 2016. Perhaps this does not come as a big surprise after Apple’s announcement earlier this month, not to mention the handful of new Android-based smartwatches on the way. Analysts at Gartner say they expect consumer interest to soar. (What do you think of smart watches? Read one writer’s take in 7 Reasons Why Smart Watches Are a Dumb Idea.)

Could BlackBerry be on the verge of a comeback?

Rumors have loomed for years now about BlackBerry’s potential comeback. So far, no dice. But the official launch of a new Blackberry smartphone called Passport on September 24th has people wondering if BlackBerry could really be on the verge of a comeback this time. The phone is unique in that it has a large square screen – about the size of a U.S. passport (hence the name). It also has a modified version of the traditional BlackBerry keyboard, and many users have reported that they love that it doubles as a trackpad. This is the first big launch for BlackBerry under the watch of the company’s new CEO, John S. Chen.

GoPro Gets Its First Real Rival

GoPro has dominated the portable video camera market for years. Now, HTC is rumored to be launching its own version of a mini action camera. HTC is hosting an event on October 8th to expose a few new products. Although the rumors have not yet been validated, a new video uploaded by HTC on YouTube has drawn quite a bit more speculation. Based on the video, speculators are guessing that the new camera will be waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.

Google Fights Back Against Rumors

Last week, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp brandished Google as a platform that encourages piracy. This past week, Google struck back with a statement that touts Google’s dedication to stopping online piracy. In the statement, Google’s Senior Vice President, Rachel Whetstone, comments on the 222 million Web pages that were removed by Google in 2013 due to copyright infringement. She also discussed how Google punishes websites that violate copyright issues. The end of her rebuttle made it clear that she believes News Corp needs to get its own publication in order before going after the search giant.


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