Ambient Temperature

Definition - What does Ambient Temperature mean?

Ambient temperature is the air temperature of an environment or object. In computing, ambient temperature refers to the air temperature surrounding computing equipment. This measurement is crucial for equipment function and longevity, especially with regard to the microprocessor, which usually has its own cooling system. In PCs, this may be a simple fan but be more elaborate in computers and supercomputers with multiple processors.

Techopedia explains Ambient Temperature

Ambient temperature plays a significant role in human performance, equipment, animals, chemical processes or any other activity where temperature is a relevant factor.

The ambient temperature surrounding computer equipment should be between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, but the low end of this range is best when operating over extended periods of time or extending the life of the equipment. If the temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the cooling system may fail to maintain recommended operating temperatures.

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