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What Does Business Software Mean?

Business software is software that is used for business purposes. The term is often used more specifically for software that helps a business to accomplish specific goals through the applied principles that the software supports.

Techopedia Explains Business Software

Examples of applied principles for business software include decision support software (DSS), where technology aids in human decision making, and customer relationship management (CRM), where software helps a business to compile and maintain detailed profiles of customers or clients, along with other kinds of enhanced record-keeping. Business software such as DSS or CRM will often apply common principles such as sales force support, transaction automation, algorithmic data mining for sales, or any of many other design objectives. Other business software will focus on supply chains or other practical forms of resource management.

Some experts also define business software by what it excludes. Gaming applications and similar software would not be considered business software unless used in a customer service or demo environment. The definition of business software has changed along with a proliferation of useful software tools for business; today’s vibrant market, including DSS and CRM tools and much more, contrasts with the early days of business software, when many business software applications were simply generic end-user programs labeled as "business use" programs, such as basic spreadsheets or other tools.

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