What Does Reddit Mean?

Reddit is an Internet project where users can post and rate various kinds of content. It was designed in the early years of the millennium by two University of Virginia students, and now it has expanded into a massive site with hundreds of thousands of users.


Techopedia Explains Reddit

As Reddit grew, it eventually was acquired by Conde Nast and its subsidiary, Advance Publications. Recent estimates have valued the project that $500 million.

The idea of Reddit involves evaluating posts and using upvotes or downvotes to control their prominence on the site. Users can access top-level categories for the site through a variety of menu options, and access various “subreddits” that represent particular areas of interest for users.

To describe Reddit, some have called it an “online bulletin board system.” Unlike early bulletin boards, Reddit has a slick layout and a sophisticated interface. The site is available in various world languages and provides various guidelines for use called “reddiquette.” The platform offers useful, user-generated feedback on a wide range of topics, such as the top VPNs according to Reddit – appropriately given its focus on privacy.


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