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Permanent Link

What Does Permanent Link Mean?

A permanent link (permalink) is a URL that always point and directs readers to the same Web page, blog post or any online digital media. A permalink may be created because that same Web page is also temporarily available at a different address.


Permanent links are used in blogging services that do not create permanent links by default for the Web pages created using their publishing platform.

Techopedia Explains Permanent Link

Permanent links are a common feature of dynamic, database-driven websites that routinely update and publish new content and media. Permanent links work by providing an alternate but permanent Web address for content, which is initially viewable only on the home page or top-level domain (TLD), but is relocated to a separate page once it’s archived.

For example, on a blog, the latest news/product/post might only be available on the homepage or a featured page. This allows new posts to gain more visibility. Once they become obsolete, they are removed from the home page and archived at a permalink.

Permanent links also aid in blog link building or search engine optimization efforts because this process requires backlinks to the primary domain as well as internal links to posts within the website.


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