Explosive Growth in Tech Jobs 2024

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Tech employment is ever on the rise, with the U.S. tech workforce projected to grow from 9.6 million in 2023 to 9.9 million in 2024.

With this surge, both technical experts and business professionals are essential — although the numbers we investigate below show that less than half of tech professionals actually work in tech companies, showing just how broad their impact is across the entire workforce.

Yet, despite the overall growth, diversity remains a challenge, with women, Black/African American, and Hispanic/Latino individuals still significantly underrepresented in tech roles.

Key Takeaways

  • The U.S. tech workforce is set to grow from 9.6 million in 2023 to 9.9 million in 2024, with both technical and business professionals being very important.
  • Even though women make up 49% of the workforce, only 27% are in tech jobs. Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino people are also not well-represented in tech roles.
  • Some tech jobs are expected to grow at twice the rate of all jobs in the economy. There will be big increases in roles like Data Scientists, Cybersecurity Analysts, and Software Developers.

Current State of the Tech Workforce

According to CompTIA’s State of the Tech Workforce report, the tech workforce is made up of two specific categories:

  1. Tech professionals working in technical positions (61%); and
  2. Business professionals working at tech companies (39%)

Less than half (45%) of tech professionals work at tech companies; the majority (55%) work in other industries.

Diversity in the Tech Workforce: A Closer Look at Demographics

In 2023, despite women making up nearly half of the entire workforce in 2023 (49%) — less than a third of these women were working in tech occupations (27%).


Furthermore, Black/African American people and Hispanic/Latino people were also underrepresented in the tech workforce:

  • Black/African American: 12% of all occupations, 8% of tech occupations; and
  • Hispanic/Latino: 17% of all occupations, 8% of tech occupations

Most of the tech professionals working in technical positions were Millennials (56%), followed by Gen X (22%) and Boomers (17%). Meanwhile, Gen Z only made up around 315 thousand people (5%).

Future Trends: Projected Growth Rates of Tech Occupations Over the Next Decade

Over the next decade, employment in tech occupations is projected to rise at twice the rate of overall employment across the economy.

The following roles have the highest projected growth rates when compared to the average growth rate for all jobs across the economy:

  1. Data Scientists and Data Analysts (+304%);
  2. Cybersecurity Analysts and Engineers (+267%); and
  3. Software Developers and Engineers (+225%).

The Bottom Line

The growth in the tech workforce shows its increasing role in the economy. With the number of workers expected to reach 9.9 million by 2024 and high demand for roles like Data Scientists and Cybersecurity Analysts, the future looks bright for tech jobs.

However, the low representation of women and minorities in tech is a serious issue that needs attention.

Stay tuned for the next big changes and advancements.


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