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Web Roundup: What's Next for Hadoop Might Surprise You

By Kimberly Crossland
Published: April 30, 2014 | Last updated: April 30, 2014 09:32:05
Key Takeaways

Big data is empowering companies of all sizes to make better decisions for their customers. Check out the top stories about big data this week.

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The more people get access to information, the more overwhelmed they feel when it comes to figuring out how to turn these numbers into business growth. In this week’s Web roundup, we pulled together a variety of big data articles that show how big data is being used, who’s using it, and what to expect.

What Are You Supposed to Do With All This Data Anyway?

That’s the question of the year! Big data is a big buzzword, but what does it really mean in terms of dollars and cents? The folks over at Marketing Profs had that same question, so they set out to answer it in the form of a helpful infographic. They discovered how teams can use big data to excel, and how to use data to drive more sales. The graphic paints a pretty clear picture of how big data can help build better business.

Retailers, Rejoice!

One of the biggest winners of the ever-expanding phenomenon of big data could be retailers. Many retailers cringe at the idea of analyzing all of the massive amounts of data they have pouring in to their businesses every day. Now, as more people realize not only the importance of using these numbers, but also how to harness them in a way that pays, retailers are jumping in to the big data pool with both feet. This article by investigative researcher Sandee McCready provides actionable tips for how to harness big data and put it to work.

Should the Government Follow Suit?

With more retailers and businesses putting big data into their business mix, should the government follow suit? Data visualization expert Lillian Pierson certainly thinks so. She also takes a very strong stance that the government is behind the times in making use of big data. Although all of the opinions expressed in this expose on Smart Data Collective are her own, she raises a few things that should be considered not just by governments who are holding back when it comes to big data, but businesses as well.

And the Winner Is…

With all the debate about who should use data and how they should use it, it’s easy to forget about customers and how they might be impacted. Discover five of the ways customers benefit the most when companies put big data to use in their business. From generating excitement and buzz, to knowing customers better than they know themselves, Venturebeat examines how customers get the biggest reward when companies large and small use big data to drive their decisions.

What’s Next for Hadoop Might Surprise You

At least that’s what Virginia Backaitis says in her recent article on the business strategy Hortonworks has for Hadoop. According to the article, Hortonworks suggests that in order for Wall Street investors to make money, they need to start selling proprietary software that works together with Hadoop and other open source software. Their goal is to create a piece of software that increases the all-around value of storing and analyzing data. So what does that mean for Hadoop users? More vendors working on new ways to make big data more valuable in the long run.


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Written by Kimberly Crossland

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Kimberly Crossland is a digital marketing specialist who has worked in the United States and abroad with technology companies. After graduating from the University of Arizona, she followed her passion for the fast-paced ever changing world of technology and now writes about up and coming trends and important information anyone in business must know about technology to succeed.

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