CES 2024 Says Your Future Home Will Look Like This…

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The latest gadgets and tech demos as CES 2024 kicks off in Las Vegas and provides a glimpse of the future. Smart mirrors, smart fridges, smart... pet friends?

The latest gadgets and tech demos as CES 2024 kicks off in Las Vegas and provides a glimpse into the future.

Manufacturers would like you to believe we are marching towards an a-driven digital world where technology simplifies and personalizes every aspect of your life.

This Jetsons-style vision is no longer confined to science fiction; it’s a reality brought to life by the innovations showcased across 2.4 million square feet of show floor at CES.

But what could that future look like?

A Day in the Life of a Smart Home: From AI Fridges to Smart Grills

Your day will begin in a smart home where the heart of your kitchen, the Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator, is now your culinary advisor.

With its 32-inch screen and AI Vision technology, it scans its contents, suggests recipes based on what you have, and ensures nothing goes to waste. Your smart slow cooker will ensure your evening meal is ready to serve when you return home.


Samsung Fridge

Your kitchen also boasts the AI-enhanced Perfecta Grill, where cooking steaks is as easy as making toast. Gone are the days of guessing if your steak is medium-rare or well-done.

CES 2024 Smart Grill

CES 2024 Smart Grill

And speaking of convenience, Kohler’s voice-activated bidet and LG’s Smart AI WashCombo revolutionize personal and home care, blending ease with seamless technology.

Although your home is full of hundreds of devices and sensors, the Home Connectivity Alliance’s energy management specifications mean your smart appliances, including this fridge, are intelligent and eco-friendly, aligning with Samsung’s vision of a sustainable home.

AI-Powered Pet Care

However, it’s not all about you. Your modern smart home involves technology that extends its reach beyond human convenience to enhance the lives of pets and wildlife. Oro’s AI-powered autonomous robot is an interactive dog companion, offering video communication, treat dispensing, and behavior-adaptive comfort.

Similarly, Invoxia’s Smart Dog Collar revolutionizes pet care with real-time movement tracking and health monitoring, providing valuable data for veterinary use.

Bird enthusiasts can enjoy Birdfy’s AI-powered bird feeder, which turns any yard into a birdwatching sanctuary with species identification and live video feeds.

AI Bird Feeder

Swarovski’s AX Visio 10×32 binoculars offer an advanced, artificial intelligence-powered experience in identifying over 9,000 species for birdwatching enthusiasts. Together, these devices simplify life and foster a deeper connection with and care for the animals around you and your family.

Inclusive and Productive Work Environments

Work is also much more accessible now thanks to your Sony mixed reality headset, a ‘spatial content creation system.’ This new approach to immersive design and collaborative product engineering has made you much more productive.

In the office, Essilor Luxottica’s Nuance glasses cater to people who are hard of hearing, making social interactions more inclusive. And, let’s not forget the potential of in-ear computers, bringing about a new era in personal computing.

Transforming Daily Routines with Smart Home Ecosystems

When you finally get home, your sofa adjusts to your preferred comfort setting, perhaps even alerting you when your favorite show is on. The essence of convenience and comfort is at your fingertips as you switch on LG’s new transparent TV.

Thanks to the Skyted Mobility Privacy Mask, which provides a bubble of privacy in public spaces, teenagers can enjoy conversations with their friends without fearing being overheard.

Privacy Mask

Dad says, “Who do you think you are, Bane in The Dark Knight Rises?” But this dated pop culture reference is wasted on his kids.

Parenting has also been given a timely tech boost. The AI-powered baby cry translator has become a godsend for new parents. The device accurately deciphers your newborn baby’s cries, easing the often overwhelming task of understanding an infant’s needs.

In your bedroom, Samsung’s Ballie, a robot that follows and observes you, might seem intrusive, but it’s a testament to the advanced AI capabilities we’re embracing.

Before bed, it’s time to check in with your BMind Smart Mirror, which will give you all the affirmations you need to bolster your mental wellness.

BMind Smart Mirror

And then your Motion Pillow uses an AI Motion System to prevent you from snoring and annoying your significant other. From the moment you open your eyes, you catch Ballie staring at you in the corner of the room. Wearable tech, like the AmazFit Helio Ring and Lotus smart ring, help you monitor your sleep and health.

You can even control home appliances with a flick of your finger to activate them as you prepare to start another day in a tech-fueled paradise. 

Finally, the Oclean Ultra X smart toothbrush not only cleans but also educates you about brushing habits.

Living in a Fishbowl: The Dark Side of CES 2024’s Tech Wonders

CES promises a future where your home doesn’t just shelter you; it understands you. It’s a place where every device adds value, making life easier and more enjoyable. While some may find these advancements overwhelming or unnecessary, for many, this represents the moment where technology is not just a tool but a partner in every aspect of life. But are we at risk of becoming too dependent on technology? 

The cost of unparalleled convenience and personalization is the rise of significant security and privacy concerns. In a home where every device, from your refrigerator to your robotic companion, is an Internet of Things (IoT) device equipped with cameras and AI, the boundary between helpful and intrusive becomes blurred. 

The constant surveillance by these smart devices can feel like living in a fishbowl, where every action is observed and analyzed. This omnipresent monitoring challenges our traditional notions of privacy and risks exposing sensitive personal data.

Moreover, the hackability of these devices is a looming threat, and who manages the updates to ensure your smart washing machine is not wasting your bandwidth during a Microsoft Teams call?

The potential for cyber hacks cannot be ignored in a digital world where the refrigerator can suggest recipes and a toilet responds to voice commands.

If hacked, these smart devices could become tools for unwarranted surveillance or gateways for cybercriminals to access other personal and sensitive information. As we embrace the conveniences of a tech-enhanced home, we must also grapple with the vulnerabilities and privacy trade-offs of living in a hyper-connected world.

The Bottom Line

The announcements at CES 2024 pave the way for a future where technology seamlessly integrates into every facet of our lives. This technologically enriched world promises efficiency, sustainability, and a level of personalization previously unimagined, transforming mundane tasks into effortless experiences. Yet, amidst this marvel of innovation, there lies a cautionary tale. 

As our homes become more competent, equipped with devices that understand and anticipate our every need, we face the privacy paradox in the digital age.

This constant connectivity brings significant security concerns and the unnerving reality of living under continuous digital surveillance. Although some of the announcements coming out of CES are exciting, we must also be careful to avoid the moment where convenience infringes upon our privacy. 


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